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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jenna Lyons would work this house

The townhouse whose steps served as Carrie Bradshaw's stoop in the first three seasons of "Sex and the City" is on the market again. After selling in November for $9 million, the 11-room West Village brownstone has been listed for additional $650,000 seemingly without any updating or reno work.

 Each of the home's five stories measures an impressive 20'x48'.

 The marble mantels date to the house's construction in 1866.

 The delicious herringbone floors are original, too.

You know who could rock this place to hell and back?

J.Crew's Executive Creative Director Jenna Lyons. Her new lesbionic relationship (that's girlfriend Courtney Crangi above) necessitated Lyon's divorce and the selling of the Domino's best-known centerfold spread, so we know she's in the market. The ladies have four children between them and could use every one of the house's five bedrooms. And the synchronicity of the fashion connections, both real and fictional, would make for some most excellent habitat karma.

64 Perry Street [Sotheby's International Realty]
Actual Carrie Bradshaw Home Is Much Nicer Than Fictional Carrie Bradshaw Home ... and for Sale! [Vanity Fair's The Hollywood Blog]


DaniBP said...

They should so buy it you've hit the nail on the head once more!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh baby, baby.....pant-pant-pant
if the Sapphic sisters don't want it, I'd gladly take it off their hands.
You be on a roll Raina, do rock on.
Cheers, Alcira

meenal bishnoi said...

She so would..and considering the recent expansion of the family there's just the right amount of space to house them all!! have a lovely weekend!! xx meenal

liza said...

You are hilarious.