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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Next month, perfumer Frederic Malle will release limited edition travel spray cases in collaboration with shoe designer Pierre Hardy. A "total of 500 of the individually hand sprayed cases will be sold within the US exclusively at the Frederic Malle NY Boutique, Barney’s New York and Beverly Hills for $285 beginning in April." The cases are designed to hold Frederic Malle's 10ml sprays, sold separately.

Frederic Malle [official site]
Frederic Malle Travel Spray Cases [Now Smell This]


littlebadwolf said...

what? now we're supposed to schlepp our lampshades to parties in custom airbrushed
cases like our bitch aunts used to drag their wigs around in? and our bitch great aunts
did with their hats?

i think once in central florida i saw a storefront-ful of custom airbrushed caskets, but it was the other way from disney.


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I love all of Malle's products, alas, a bitter taste was left in my mouth when, as a young and impressionable journalist I interviewed him in Paris at his Rue de Grenelle boutique. As soon as he saw I was a young American he became condescending, patronizing, rude -- everything one would expect from someone who squeezed a career off the shoulders of great ancestors who created some of the most legendary fragrances in the world.
It was a shame, because I was so in love with the whole Editions de Parfum concept and the experience burned a hole in that somehow.
Perhaps next time Monsieur Malle would do well to show a little noblesse oblige rather than behaving like a nouveau aristo.
Cheers, Alcira