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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My West Elm new goodies wishlist

Wave dinnerware, $24-32.

West Elm debuted its summer collection today, and my piggy bank is hiding in the corner. My lovely little birdie forwarded me the press kit catalog shots a few weeks ago, but the photos were such crap I decided to wait until the website reveal. I think I'm in a blue mood...

Elephant Ceramics vases, $19-39.

Zigzag placemat, $5.

John Newdigate butter dish, $16.

Woven check bath mat, $29.

Boule table lamp, $179.

Outdoor Anchor pillow, $39.

TRICK! I'm kidding about this last one. Why do retailers feel the need to trot out the same old tired nautical theme each and every spring?


Juliet said...

Love the blue and white for warmer weather LOVE the lamp.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

The entire selection is Nero-approved.
And hey, I even dig the anchor action.
Don't be hating on the ole hook, line and sinker.
Hope you snag some of this loot.
Cheers, Alcira

Nick Klaus said...

Your anchor fake-out made me realize just how many times in the last decade mens style magazines have heralded nautical inspired looks as one of the trends to follow for spring.

Raina Cox said...

Nick Klaus - Magazine coverage of fashion trends is the biggest con. For women, we can count on four looks being "big" in any given season: animal prints, the military look, the "feminine" silhouette and/or the print du jour (other than beast-y in nature).

David said...

The elephant ceramic vases get a big yes from me.

Lausi said...

OMG... so GORGEOUS, each and every one of the items you picked *happy sigh*

I absolutely ADORE the lamp!!!! *Izzzz has lamp envy*

I really have this urge now to go and buy blue/white stuff...

La Boheme said...

Aaah, West Elm people and I need to become friends...immediately. I promise to share the goodness with you! Great finds Raina! Happy weekend