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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Opulence, I has it"

James Hill for The New York Times.

Today, The New York Times International Real Estate section gives us a "two-bedroom apartment with fine finishes in Moscow" (bold mine). Yours for US$2.6 million, this plush velvet-decorated pad is currently owned by a female architect who also uses it as her studio. The kitchen features a "ceiling [...] covered in mirrored mosaic tiles" and "purple tempered-glass [...] cabinets." Entry walls are "covered with black-and-silver floral patterned wallpaper" or "overlaid with an Italian decorative coating made from silver leaf." The space also has "wall sconces made with Swarovski crystals."

All that's missing is a tiny giraffe.

House Hunting in ... Moscow [The New York Times]


David said...

I love the tiny giraffe!

And now I can't get that scene from Paris is Burning out of my head. "O-p-u-l-e-n-c-e. Opulence. You own EVERYTHING."

court. said...

actualy....there IS a tiny giraffe in the slide show!

Lausi said...

OMG... the tiny giraffe is the BEST.



littlebadwolf said...

somehow, that purple plush pile looks like all the tele-tubbies and barney all came and took a shit on margaret russell's bernadet castro.