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Monday, March 12, 2012

When a love affair ends

For the better part of three years, I've pined for the Flowering Lotus Floor Lamp from Jamie Young. I loved its stature, its organic-ness, the rich brassy-gold finish, and I would overlook the wonky shade. It more than satisfied my insatiable lust for global decor. Until one day it didn't.

Today, Amazon's flash sale site My Habit is featuring Jamie Young lamps, pillows and foot stools. I immediately spotted the Lotus lamp and was shocked at the low price. And then it hit me - I no longer wanted it. Just like that, the love affair was over. I don't currently have a spot for it, and it doesn't fit into any future decorating schemes I have mood-boarded up. For a lamp I thought I couldn't live without, I guess never really had a plan to include it in my life.

And just like that, the Flowering Lotus Floor Lamp will be filed under "Unrequited Decorating Loves" along with Lucite trunks, a (faux) Mouille floor lamp and chevron anything. I will still admire any and all of these in someone else's home, but I moved on.

How about you, Dumplings? What decor item used to occupy your every waking thought and now no longer does?


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

First off, you're clearly on Ritalin because you're popping out fab posts faster than most of us can type ;)
And secondly, isn't it sort of a mixed but wonderfully liberating bag -- the notion that we can pass on what we've long pined for?
I find the same thing often happens to me, except that I rarely have the patience to wait and let the lust wear off before plunging into an overpriced abyss.
I think this is happening more than ever now with the rampant availability of merchandise at all sorts of price points, the fact that we're being brainwashed to believe that trends shift and change with the seasons.
I think it's the mind-shag of the century -- once a thing is in reach, it loses that allure.
I shared your passion for the faux Mouille for quite some time and heck, I'd still probably pull the trigger pretty swiftly if someone would make a convincing ceiling fixture version. But the bloom does fade from the proverbial rose.
All that said, I still think the lotus lamp is lovely.
Maybe you're just at an existential turning point, in the mood for Spring and for casting off and moving on.
I know I'd personally like to purge and pare down all over the place right now.
Cheers, Alcira

Margaret said...

Shedding French, acquiring more industrial. But it doesn't pull away easily; Restoration Hardware does a mean, French-deconstructed chair, and it still hits me, hard.

Who's giving away pills..?

Bromeliad said...

A round Moroccan pendant lamp with the light shining through in a pretty pattern.