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Friday, March 2, 2012

Yes, please

Batik Bird rug, $74.

While green is my favorite color, when it comes to decorating 
blue will always have my heart.

P.S. Can you tell I just spent 40 minutes on the Black & Spiro blog?


mrs. anderdaddy said...

I have a practical question for you honeybooboochild: what's the secret to keeping cotton rugs such as this safely on the floor? Is it as simple as a rug pad? I had a rug like this but returned it right away because it was too floppy, if that makes sense. Thanks and I'm so glad you're back!!

Raina Cox said...

mrs. anderdaddy - My hubs fixed all of our slippery rugs with a grippy tape he found in the carpet section of The Home Depot (sorry, he can't remember the name). Rug pads can buckle underneath, and their off-gassing can change the finish of wood floors. I try to avoid when possible. Hope this is helpful!