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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire pits are the Devil's crockery

On the advice of British expat wonder vixen and reality show star Lisa Vanderpump (of the Bravo Vanderpumps), juiced-up actor Sylvester Stallone hired Mohamed Hadid in 2009 to remodel his kitchen to the tune of $1.4 million. Stallone is now suing Hadid for "seriously substandard, defective and unsafe construction." The veiny action movie hero claims in his suit that "Hadid is an unscrupulous, unlicensed predator who has left a trail of innocent victims in his wake."

Stallone's Beverly Hills house before the remodel.

Stallone alleges Hadid, who was tasked with enlarging the kitchen by 1200 square feet, installed "unsafe electrical wiring, including [an] electrical conduit that had been run through rain gutters and downspouts," subpar cabinetry and "an inoperable and unsafe fire pit that does not comply with the building code." The star of "The Party at Kitty and Stud's" is seeking "his $1.4 million back, plus punitive and exemplary damages, interest and court costs."

My takeaways:

1. The kitchen was enlarged by 1200 square feet.

2. Surely that includes HGH storage and an injection station.

3. The kitchen was enlarged by 1200 square feet.

4. The installation of the above-mentioned fire pit requires its own lawsuit on aesthetic grounds.

Imagined illustration of Stallone's fire pit.


wellfedfred said...

the fast-talking ontractor who worked on our current apartment and his unlicensed "architect" have obviously relocated to the west coast and are operating under new names. It's hard to sympathise with someone who convinced himself he needed a 1200 sqft extension - and fire pit! - but I hope Rocky wins, if only pour encourager les autres.

Margaret said...

Not long ago, I was showing off my new kitchen, walking all cute backwards and pointing out all of my new high-end upgrades, and all of a sudden tumbled backwards into the indoor fire pit. I landed square flat on my back, squinted up into their faces for a second or two, and then blithely quipped, "I meant to do that."