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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love this

The newest issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine features crewel work cover art by Jacob Magraw. As a fan geek of the needle arts (I do needlepoint, cross stitch and crewel), I'm terribly impressed with this piece.

 Image via @issue:

T publishes 15 times a year and often recruits well-known artists and designers to create an issue's cover, always an interpretation of The New York Times iconic Blackletter "T."

*BONUS - When interviewed about the piece, the artist promised a special prize for T readers: "If you rip [the cover] out from the magazine and send it to me, I’ll send you something in return." His address: Jacob Magraw, N.R. Farm, Waldron, WA 98297.

Uncommon Threads [T Magazine blog]


life, in small chunks said...

I don't do any needle art myself, but I am also very impressed with this.

maison21 said...


Kay said...

That is fabulous! It must look even more lush in person. From his website I get the impression that he just stitched it up in a few weeks, with little prior embroidery experience. I stitch, too, (counted work on linen) and I am also very impressed! His website also shows the same letter T stitched as a negative.

The latest Elle Decor features more stitching artistry -- the work of Cayce Zavaglia.

Raina Cox said...

Kay - I saw that article and was BLOWN AWAY.

And thanks so much for stopping by!