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Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoinks, you have my attention

  Pradesh daybed in "Espresso," $1099.

Normally, a Zoinks post has me ripping Z Gallerie a new one for their retail homages to the "Real Housewives of (insert your favorite city)." But a quick clickity click through the new arrivals unearthed a couple of pieces to make my global design-lovin' heart thump - HARD. The only thing keeping me from ordering this for The Pea is the fact I know she would practice Olympic-worthy gymnastics moves daily on the canopy.

 Pradesh daybed in "Whitewash," $1099.

 A little more digging left me reassured that Zoinks decorative DNA hasn't changed...

Chic Combo - Isabella Coffee, End and Console tables, $1272.45.
(Emphasis mine)


David said...

If you stick mirrors on any part it automatically becomes chic. Its a rule.

court. said...

oh yea. the child version of me would be doing an entire bars routine on that mutha. good call, mama.

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

wow. i'd totally go for that if we had a spot for it.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

If that bed was a few hundred dollars less I'd be all over that b.

Have you seen the new Home collection by the Kardashians? Oh my. Think zgallerie 1995.