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Thursday, May 17, 2012

BREAKING - Lindsay Lohan to be on Million Dollar Decorators

Lohan and Ireland browsing at Kreiss.

Walking STD Lindsay Lohan was spotted Tuesday with designer Kathryn Ireland shopping at Kreiss, the preferred showroom of pro ballers and various Kardashians. They were followed by a camera crew filming for season two of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators.

Ireland's Range Rover parked outside.
(Fingers crossed she put a paper toilet seat cover on the passenger seat).

Reportedly, Lohan and Ireland selected "two St. Regis sofas, two St Regis armchairs with swivel base, two carved wood sample Venetian table lamps, two cast bronze sample candlestick lamps and outdoor furniture."

Perhaps the world's bravest man.

Lohan is renting a new $25,000 a month Beverly Hills mansion, bankrolled by her billionaire hotelier boyfriend Vikram Chatwal.

Okay. Right now my brain is more mixed up than Lohan's sexuality...

1. Lindsay Lohan on MDD?!!?

2. Kathryn Ireland is her decorator?!!?

3. MDD is filming?!!? (YAY!)

4. Kathryn Ireland is her decorator?!!?

5. Does Ireland have crushing ARM loans due on her properties?!!? Is she a degenerate gambler?!!? Did one of her snot guacamole-making sons murder someone and requires bail?!!?

I need an explanation!


La Boheme said...

Ahaha I love this post! Confused...and curious..and kind of happy about all of this...this will be ridiculous to watch. Love me some ridiculous! Did I say I love this post?

David said...

They can't do that to Kathryn, not after making her deal with Dragon Lady Factor last season. Maybe it's a one-off, just freshening up one room or something.

Also, does anyone else think Loren Kreiss is adorable? It can't just be me.

daydream believer said...

Well, at least MDD is back for a second season?

LOL@ "Walking STD Lindsay Lohan."

So true. Unfortunately!

Margaret said...

Maybe Bronnie was busy?

margot said...

sounds to me like the only screen gig LL's peeps could broker for her. and I think we all know KI has fame-whorey tendencies, so seems a natch fit.

annporter said...

I agree, sounds like LL needed some screen time and MDD probably couldn't resist the extra publicity.