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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Six Pottery Barn items that don't suck

 Tavern armchair, $199 now $159.

Pottery Barn bombards me daily with e-mail love letters promising their eternal devotion if only I'd buy some hideous floral something for 20% off. But this afternoon's mash note detailed a sale on outdoor seating, and I've had my eye on the Tolix-ish chairs above. I clicked over and started digging around. While there is a lot of faux Belgian awfulness, if you have a little patience you'll find some gems hidden amongst the striped flour sacks.

Round jute rug, $149-$249 now $129-$199.

While this looks like an enormous buckwheat pancake, it's actually whole lot of floor covering awesomeness for very little. Choose either a 6' or an 8' diameter rug.

Mason reclaimed wood sink console, $1699.

This photo styling makes me want to go all Oedipus on my eyeballs. But in the right setting with some better hardware this would be a fab little powder room addition.

Solano Grand 105" sofa, $1899-$2499.

The Solano Grand sofa is Restoration Hardware in looks and proportion, but without the ridiculous Resto price tag. Those pillows belong in Hell's waiting room (I'm assuming it overlooks a lake of fire).

 Jute & cotton striped table runner, $49.50.

I love this. That is all.

Paddington rattan armchair, $449 now $349.

I test drove this in the store and it is deep. Like I'm 5'9" with a JLo booty and was still tipping back. The good news is you can indulge in a couple of John Robshaw throw pillows to dress it up and still be comfortable.

As luck would have it, I received my bi-weekly Ballard Designs catalog yesterday and found some non-Eiffel Tower stuff that doesn't suck. Look for that post soon ...


maison21 said...

wow- good job raina! you did lots better than me. just got the catalog, and decided i only liked one thing, a nautical hanging pendant lamp, but i didn't see any of your picks in there. probably looking with too critical of an eye- if you expect to find nothing, that's what you'll find: nothing.

the only thing i might take exception to on your list is the rug- price, yes!, size, again yes! but that irregular edge just looks cheap to me, and if that's the best they could source for a catalog picture, imagine the misshapen blob that will arrive on your doorstep.

Raina Cox said...

maison21 - Great point about the rug, Christian.

David said...

I like the rug too. For 200 bucks if the edge is a little wonky I think I could live with it.

I got Ballard too, can't wait to see what you like!