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Friday, June 8, 2012

Amanda Peet's Hollywood Hills house, Domino 2007 and Vogue 2012

Can you believe it's been five years since actress Amanda Peet's Hollywood Hills home was featured in Domino (RIP)? This month Vogue revisits the romcom queen's Spanish-style house and we're treated to a peek at the changes, including the addition of another daughter, two-year-old Molly.


The arched entrance hall has been cleaned up, gone (or cropped out) is the gallery wall. The stair's banister has lost its curlicues and gained a sophisticated sisal runner and black paint on the treads. I love that the baby gate latch was not Photoshopped out.



The addition of a table and some Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs to the built-in corner seating has transformed the family room into a dining room. One of the vintage tavern chairs from the original dining alcove (see third photo down) can be seen between the two sets of French doors to the right. Vogue did not choose to include a photo of this area, so we're at a loss as to its current incarnation.





Older daughter Frankie's room was the stuff of legend. The "Funny Girl" poster above the daybed, below, set off a chorus of SWOON!s still echoing around the blogosphere today. It's difficult to tell if Miss Frankie was moved to a big girl bedroom or if the space just received a coat of unfortunate yellow. Either way The Poster stayed with her.


Vogue's all-too-brief article chose to split its focus evenly between the house's interiors and the property's grounds. Personally, I would have loved an update of the living room, seen below. It's Suzani-draped pink-striped English rolled-arm sofa is another blog and Pinterest superstar.


What strikes me is how much better I like the house as it was presented five years ago. The boho beautiful elements would still be very much in fashion. The 2007 version of the family room's banquette seating area defined lip-licking interior porn. Designer Nathan Turner polished the project then, but no decorating credit is given in the new article.

I'll wrap this post with a shot of Peet's uber-relaxing pool area. I have decided my life will not be complete until I can enjoy my own personal pergola-ed banquette seating area, complete with a tiny tee pee for The Pea, at the head of a cypress-lined swimming pool.


Domino photos by Max Kim-Bee.
Vogue photos by Francois Halard.

Hollywood Hills Home [Nathan Turner Interior Design]

5 comments: said...

I'm with you - I liked the 2007 version better! But, oh well. Going to miss that gallery wall going up the staircase - another blog and pinterest superstar!

Designers' Brew said...

i think the stair/hall looks infinitely better now, but otherwise I agree with you.

Jessie said...

I agree with Designer's Brew. I like the entryway now but overall, I prefer the older design better. That boho living room is smashing!

Have a good weekend, Raina!



How often is a before better than the after??? Although I prefer the exit of the "squiggly" things on the bannister. I'd still move in though.

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Oh the 07 version is so on-trend right now. Me likey.