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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heating up the summer shelter mags

Given the putrid state of shelter mags of late, news of society and political glossie Vanity Fair's special design edition has me more excited than John Travolta with all-day spa pass. Described as a "summer issue devoted to the most memorable homes and owners that have been featured in this magazine over the last quarter-century," the special edition features "photos by Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, Jonathan Becker, and Todd Eberle" with "a look inside elusive gems like Bunny Mellon’s garden and Balthus’s Swiss chalet. Elsewhere, Alex Shoumatoff explores the 'great camps' of the Adirondacks, James Reginato uncovers the baroque beauty of Blenheim Palace, and Matt Tyrnauer takes a tour of a restored modern beauty: the Harvey Aluminum House in the Hollywood Hills."

In the magazine's introduction, VF's editor-in-chief Graydon Carter states "I measure[s] the quality of a 'shelter book' [...] by the number of pages I tear out as I go through it. If we’ve done our job right all you will be left with is the cover."

Last one to Barnes & Noble is Travolta's used gym towel!


liza said...

Ooooo, I'm going to pick one up at the airport Sunday!

Interior Design Musings said...

OK, I am cautiously optimistic. My concern, is this simply a compilation of photos from issues or is there truly some new fresh things to consider? I need more information! You first, Raina! M.

Nataliya said...

thanks! I'm off to pick it up!

Raina Cox said...

Interior Design Musings - I believe much of the content (if not all) is recycled from old issues. I let my subscription lapse years ago, so it will all be fresh to me.

After some digging on their website, I found a couple of the homes mentioned: