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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HRH's Diamond Jubilee highlights

Today wraps the Central Weekend of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee where she attended the Epsom Derby on the back of a Colonial jockey, sailed in fancy dress costume as a Sexy Pirate down the Thames in a 1000 boat flotilla, and partook in a rousing Thanksgiving service/rave at St. Paul's. I am confident she enjoyed each and every event a tad more than she did sitting for the official Jubilee portrait, as evidenced above, taken by shelter magazine darling Thomas Struth. He of the monumental genre...

 William Waldron for Elle Decor.

 Nathan Kirkman for Metropolitan Home.

 Douglas Friedman for Elle Decor.

Nathan Kirkman for Metropolitan Home.

The Queen remarked her personal Jubilee highlight was watching a hula hooping Grace Jones sing "Slave to the Rhythm" during the BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace, though an awkward moment was realized when both women showed up to the event donning the same headpiece.

Image via Dlisted.


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Love the Queen -- in a day and age of tarts and trollops, she deserves all the fanfare she gets for her steadfast grace and aplomb.

Cheers, Alcira

melissa said...

I have to tell you she is HM the Queen, not a mere HRH ( they are two a penny as we say in England...)
God bless 'er Majesty

Raina Cox said...

melissa - I should have known that having lived over there (many moons ago).

David said...

I watched the special on the royal weddings, much of the Jubilee flotilla, and have hours left on the DVR to watch. And loved every second of it.

Nobody does pageantry like the Brits.

Sharon Brown said...

I am proud to say I was at the flotilla and managed to get a quick glimpse at the Queen on the royal barge. It was a very festive weekend. Fun time to live in the UK!

Kate said...

haha! great re-caps! thanks for keeping us abreast!