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Friday, June 1, 2012

Target (finally) embraces gay marriage

Target's nonsensical campaign donation to a homophobic Minnesota gubernatorial candidate two years ago pissed off a lot of people, and rightly so. In an overdue about-face, the Big Red Bullseye is now throwing its weight behind the pro-gay marriage movement. A pinheaded collective of Minnesotans is attempting to put a gay marriage ban measure on the November ballot. "A group of gay Target employees and their allies" has created a tee shirt collection for Pride month (I'm a firm believer the calendar is comprised of 12 Pride months) with proceeds going to fight the ballot initiative.

"The T-shirt promotion will raise up to $120,000 for the Family Equality Council, a Washington-based group that is part of a Minnesota coalition pushing to defeat the constitutional amendment. The $12.99 shirts will be sold on Target's website through June, or while supplies last. They come in four designs, emblazoned with words such as 'harmony' and 'pride.' Singer Gwen Stefani designed one shirt featuring a rainbow and a cloud that says, 'LOVE IS LOVE'."

100 percent of the purchase price will go to the Family Equality Council.

Several of the designs are already sold out, so get on over and get your shopping on!
Family Equity Council [official website]


maison21 said...

um NO.

until target's CEO, gregg steinhafel apologizes for target corporation funds used to support hateful and bigoted candidates like michele bachmann and tom emmer , and then donates a equal or greater sum to marriage equality (or simply steps down) there is NO WAY that selling a couple t-shirts will undo the damage done.

sorry, target you stabbed me and my people in the back by supporting candidates who advocate second class citizenship for gays, and who also pal around with people who recommend that we be put to death.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Well this is definitely a different direction for Tarjay -- sure to give the suburban Stepford wives something to talk about!
Cheers, Alcira

The Down East Dilettante said...

"I'm a firm believer the calendar is comprised of 12 Pride months". And it's statements like this that remind me that I'm a firm believer that you rock.

As to Target---I find it hard to believe that mid-Western uber conservatives are as substantial shoppers there as the average gay man in search of a cheap lampshade for that mid-century flea market find lamp?

David said...

I have nothing to add that M21 and DED haven't already said.

Margaret said...

Why the need for tee shirts advertising simple basic human rights? I can't recall any others at Target advocating as such? Overkill, and pedestrian, I say.

dave said...

The need for the tee shirt arises from people being deprived of their simple basic human rights, creating the need to raise funds to fight bigotry.

And every nice gesture is nice, however a lot more needs to be done by them before I stop my Target boycott.

On the other hand, I absolutely loved this post, Raina. Your fierce fabulousness is, as always, a wonderful thing to behold. Bless you for spreading the gospel.