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Thursday, June 28, 2012


 CB2 City Slicker side table in Hot Pink, $199.

I was having a think a few days ago about how safe home retailers are playing it these days. Pottery Barn is still rockin' the sage after nearly 20 years, and Restoration Hardware has written umpteen sofa sonnets to Belgian linen. I applaud West Elm's forays into African motifs (both West and South), but the catalog is a sea of naturals, neutrals and nut browns. I have been craving Kelly greens, Klein blues and a screaming lemon yellow.

Hopping around the webs tonight in search of Skittle-colored goodies, I stumbled upon a Schiap pink side table that has my mouth watering. Thank you, CB2, for delivering us from the evil that is oatmeal.

My own City Slicker table in boring ole white.


Camilla @ Designalogue said...

I concur with your 'Yaaaaassss!!'
thats most excellent. How much to ship down under?!!

An Urban Cottage said...

The pink table is pretty hot. Love your ombre lamp shade too.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

yes, that lampshade is awesome! Quite fitting for the blog name ;)

Raina Cox said...

An Urban Cottage and Naomi - The lamp is from Target! I believe it was under $30.

A Perfect Gray said...

I'm such a weenie and you're so fearless. I think that's one of the reasons I like you so much.

David said...

I like your white table (and the lamp and shade of course)

Matters of Style said...

Yes!!! Sage should be banned from the universe.

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