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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily deliciousness

I don't have to tell you, my delicious Dumplings, that I'm lucky enough to have the smartest, most creative and best-looking followers in all the blogosphere. Several moons ago, RJ Diaz chimed in with a particularly witty insight. I trailed him back to his website and found that he makes some seriously handsome bags under the label Industry Portage. I fell hard for his Suede Welder's Tote before noticing the one-off wonder was already sold.

Made from an actual welder's protective pigskin jacket, the bag is assembled from carefully cut pieces.

RJ recently let me know he'd tracked down another vintage welder's jacket and whipped up version 2.0. Behold the Milton Tote - a bona fide beauty of blue collar origins. Made in America, this cleverly upcycled bag features strategically-placed pockets and several cubic feet (approximately) of storage.

Head on over to RJ's place to check out all of his glorious man bags!


David said...

These are nice. I'm digging the canvas cargo tote especially.

Robert Porter said...


I can call RJ a friend...and Industry Portage goods are as unique as they are handsome.

Cool goods from an even cooler guy... and a company others need to know about.

Robert Porter
Vvego International

Appletree said...

This is exactly what I like
You know me so well ; )

xoxo said...

Love this, very cool!

Annie Smith said...

Oh man, blue collar meets fashion! Loving the contrast.

Margaret said...

The bags are so industrial; the jacket is so perfect, I could not make the first cut on such a fine garment. However, I am glad RJ had the vision, because they are a welcome sight to a "sea of the same."

Madam Pince said...

I just discovered a deep, deep need for that welder's tote.

whitecabana said...

Who can argue with a well-crafted bag? Very cool.