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Monday, August 13, 2012

Helen Gurley Brown's apartment

 Helen Gurly Brown and her late husband David Brown in 2007.

"A chic apartment can tell the world that you, for one, 
are not one of those miserable, pitiful single creatures." 
- Sex and the Single Girl

 The foyer.

Former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown died today at age 90. Her 1962 groundbreaking book Sex and the Single Girl launched Gurley Brown into the feminist stratosphere. Though much of its advice now seems quaint, it was revolutionary in its time. 

The dining room always set for two, but accommodative of guests.

Since 1976, Gurley Brown lived with movie producer husband David Brown (who died in 2010) in the Beresford overlooking Central Park in New York City: "She had it decorated when they moved in ('I'm not any good at decorating') and, other than re-covering a few chairs, little has changed since." 

The living room and the master bedroom.

When asked by Vanity Fair in 2007 where she would like to live, Gurley Brown answered: "Exactly where I am living—the Beresford Apartments, on Central Park West and 81st Street. We have the top four floors of a tower apartment. I'm slightly prejudiced, but I think it's the best apartment in New York."
Decorative and declarative needlepoint pillows.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" was Gurley Brown's most famous quip. I'm convinced she took a very chic express elevator straight up.

Photos: Todd Pitt for USA Today.


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful post, raina. thanks. donna

jtc said...

This makes me so sad...the end of an era. They were truly a power couple, and I always thought she was fabulous. Here's to you, Helen, the original "Cosmo Girl."

jtc said...

Also, best NYTimes obit ever, "She was 90, though parts of her were considerably younger." Awesome!

Lausi said...

Beautiful post about a lovely lady (and obviously a very successful marriage :)

Loved it.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

She was such a wonderful woman! Advanced way beyond her time. What a wonderful tribute!


And still went into the office most days......old chicks rule...I am one of them :)