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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daily deliciousness

Petrina Tinslay for Vogue Living Australia.


margot said...

Um...what's with those ridiculous lights?

Margaret said...

The gold's too 1968 bold.
Two mis-matched garden stools look as if they couldn't decide.
The painting looks like venetian blinds.
The roses are fake.
The mid-C modern chair was shoved aside for family funeral parlor chairs.
The floor lamp was an afterthought to make up for wonky burnt out track lights.
Couch has more floral on it than Half Pint's dress wardrobe.
The rug looks like an Office Depot find.
Red drapes, only children and 'hores have red drapes.
Delicious room, no, confused, yes.

margot said...

they are not fake roses -- real coral peonies. Ravishing!

beyondbeige said...

Um.. no.