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Monday, September 17, 2012

Diana Vreeland's "Garden in Hell"

Harper's Bazaar and Vogue editor and all-around outsized legend Diana Vreeland famously told her decorator, Billy Baldwin, “I want my apartment to look like a garden: a garden in hell!” Architectural Digest revisits the iconic space featured in its September/October 1975 issue. By then, the interiors, done in 1957, were nearly 20 years old.

Photos: Champion Pictures.
AD Revisits: Diana Vreeland [Architectural Digest]


Margaret said...

"In the bedroom the silk-printed scarf lying on the blanket cover is where Vreeland’s shoes and handbag are laid out in the evening." -AD

I will savor that sentence for days.

Angeline said...

Love this! (Not sure I could live it it, but these images fascinate me every time I see them!)

Elle said...

Wow! That is indeed lovely creations. I am very glad that you shared these page.

Elle @ Cheap Sheds

jtc said...

Are there any photos of her husbands bedroom? Just curious. I admire and appreciate her fashion accomplishments, but that apartment would make me cut someone.....of course no one would notice