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Friday, September 21, 2012

Does pretty matter?

 "Stella" - 2012 special editions

For the second consecutive year, fashion designer Stella McCartney has released special edition bottles (above) of her signature fragrance "Stella." As with last year's (below), the trio of bottle designs is based on fabrics found in McCartney's ready-to-wear collections - Resort 2011 and S/S 2012.

Now "Stella" just happens to be one of most favorite fragrances, along with Fracas, Quelques Fleurs and Yvresse (who knew I was so girly?), so I would snap these up in a heartbeat. Especially since 2012 SE numbers 2 and 3 match my bathroom. On the flip side, I'm curious: Would you ever skip purchasing a fragrance you like because its bottle was aesthetically-challenged?

 "Stella" - 2011 special editions


A Perfect Gray said...

so glad you're doing more of these polls - they are so much fun! donna

The Zhush said...

I'm guilty of buying the perfume FOR the bottle sometimes...nice specs btw:)

Raina Cox said...

The Zhush - Sue, I did that once with Vivienne Westwood's "Boudoir." Oh my, did that ever stink on me, but it looked pretty on my dresser.

My Interior Life said...

I don't buy my perfume for the bottle (however, I DO like the simple design of my Marc Jacobs with a plain black top and black leather bow), but I must admit it might deter me if it was an ugly bottle. Does that make sense? So basically I won't buy something just because it's pretty, but I might pass if it's ugly. Now I've confused myself.