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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The $40,500 refrigerator

Please forgive my radio silence over the past week, my in-laws were visiting. Three Xanax and two bags of Halloween candy later, I'm right as rain. The same can't be said for this monster of a refrigeration unit designed by Italian manufacturer Meneghini for residential use.

So what does one get for just north of $40K? Let's break it down according to the helpful diagram...

1. Appliance storage

2. Space for a coffee maker or television set

3. A pantry or additional refrigeration space

4. The entire unit measures 8.2' wide x 7.2' high x 2' deep and weighs 1100 pounds

5. The upper right compartment offers 11.8 cubic feet of refrigeration

6. An icemaker

7. 3 cubic feet of freezer space

And it comes in a variety of stunning, yet subtle, finishes.

According to the distributor, several of these gracious charmers have been installed poolside for commodious recreational enjoyment.

Torches and pitchforks, anyone?


Margaret said...

You've seen the future. A future "Free Craigslist" item, that is. Which will most likely be turned into a portable living space (for visiting in laws).

David said...

I'll be showing this to Brett and pointing out that the 15K Sub Zero wants for their (divine!) Pro48 fridge doesn't seem so awful now.

jtc said...

I just have mine in the garage for bodies.

Alexis said...

That is bigger than my whole kitchen.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

A conversation piece? Backyard for bodies!

court. said...

OMG raina. this guy would DIE for this fridge

Raina Cox said...

court. - THAT is one enthused homeowner.