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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

West Elm smokes hipster crack

If your child is named "Juniper" and you use the word "artisanal" to describe more than three items in your pantry, Williams-Sonoma is about to make you a very happy hipster. Today, the San Francisco-based home retailer launches West Elm Market, a concept aimed directly at Millenial homemakers.

"We were inspired by the common sense shopkeeping of the classic general store to develop a collection of genuine and useful household goods that make even the most practical chore a little more enjoyable,” said West Elm president Jim Brett. “The Market store is designed to be a place to gather, learn, and connect.”

Merchandise will include "kitchen, garden and personal care items, including plants, biodegradable cleaning products, cookware and pantry products." The West Elm website will sell candy-colored appliances from Smeg.

Williams-Sonoma is testing the skinny be-jeaned shopping waters with a stand alone store in Brooklyn (natch) opening tomorrow and eight Market shop-in-shops bowing November 8th in West Elm stores in Costa Mesa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York City, Seattle and Toronto. The Brooklyn flagship store will include "a café and a common area for community workshops," presumably staffed by men donning ironic Victorian facial hair.

Next up? A collabo with Etsy and Merriam-Webster for a chain-let of art galleries featuring nothing but silk-screens of random words.

West Elm Market [official site]


David said...

I'm not against any of the products in that photo. But I don't want to buy them from Williams-Sonoma/West Elm. I want to buy them from actual small shops owned by real people.

We have a kitchenware shop here, they have whatever you need. And while you're shopping they'll get you a coffee or some iced tea. And if you have questions all of the ladies there are very good home cooks, they can speak with authority.

And on the weekends you can buy whole pies that are amazing.

THATs what I want. Not some hipster version of a general store.

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

No one does industry goss like you Raina.

wellfedfred said...

appliances from smeg?

the mind reels.

Margaret said...

Ironic; my day job is sitting in a large warehouse-style room, with rows of long tables filled with huge English dictionaries, I then proceed with my eyes closed, open the book, and point to select random words. These are then gathered, captured onto antique paper and sold at French flea markets for a high price.

Bromeliad said...

I just live up the street from this. Will check it out. (Wearing jogging shorts and a sweaty no-logo t-shirt.)

court. said...

jesus. i wonder if sales of crisco or baby powder are up this week?? (cue the "ross wears leather pants" ep of Friends....ever wonder how those burly hipster dudes get into those jeans???)

Annette said...

I'm inspired by the common sense shopper who looks at these photos, shakes their head in amusement at the foolery and walks away.