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Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost, but not quite

(click to enlarge)

*in a sing song voice*

"Someone reads design blogs!"

A house in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota is on the market for around 2 million simoleons. Click through for a home I imagine belongs to a woman who enthusiastically follows no less than 476 Happy Clapper design blogs.

Photo: Ben Garvin for The New York Times.

Homes for $2 Million [The New York Times]


Tara Dillard said...

And they don't read.

Where are the lamps?

XO T said...

I only read 475, so that should be ok. And I hardly ever clap.

Nothing egregiously bad, to my eye. The seating seems a bit meagre, but in overall terms I'd rather underdone than overdone any day. I do like the light.


An Urban Cottage said...

They've done something funky with the photos. In the photo of the living room and bedroom, the window mullions look black. In the photo of the family room that has a view in to the living room, the same window clearly has white mullions.

I think they shot the photo twice, once changing the exposure to see the outside view and then cut and pasted that window into the photo with the proper interior exposure. It's really badly done and I think messes with the overall design scheme.

It might look better in person.

Raina Cox said...

Pimp my bricks and An Urban Cottage -

You two are very nice.

I can see where the room above was headed, but it has more periods going on than a Kotex commercial.

ajt said...

I agree, nothing's causing me great conniptions either. It's certainly far better than the assault on my eyes immediately following that slideshow.

Though, I've never seen palm tree trim (third bedroom)used in such a creative way on the 423 blogs I follow. I better add a few more to my Reader to pick up such tips.

Raina Cox said...

ajt - I think it's the mix of Victorian, MCM, drippy Baroque, and 20th century reproduction brown furniture that's making my eye twitch. And why are there serving dishes on the piano?

I do like that painting though.

Keri said...

I'm guilty as charged of being a design blog and shelter mag junkie. Who can blame us???? We try, we don't usually succeed, but we love all you real designers and your pretty pictures fill our Pinterest boards so you can't hate us too hard <3

I hope

Raina Cox said...

Keri - Heavens, I don't hate the neophytes.

I do think in this instance that some judicious editing would have made a world of difference. I get the feeling that someone convinced this lovely lady that as long as she kept everything black and white it would blend.

By the way, you and I are long overdue for a lunch.

Keri said...

Since we met a few years ago but never in person, you name the place and I'm there! :)

David said...

I love black and white, but things are just off here. Not unsalvageable, but in need of some help. And some lamps.

The house in Dallas though, OMG.

The man that owns the company I work for is moving to Dallas. He's lived in two serious (and seriously beautiful) contemporary homes here. I see now why he's having his KC designer do his new place in the Big D.

joannawnyc said...

Wow! Who ever did this house has certainly learned how to stick to a palette! And has deeply internalized the meaning of the phrase "pop of color."

Robin said...

Who needs lamps when you have 6 candelabras in the living room!

Margaret said...

"...palm tree trim (third bedroom)..."

THANK YOU..not the only one who tried to figure out why/WTH?

There's your pop of colour.

Don Richards said...

Is anyone else imagining the conversation the husband had with the wife after all was said and done? "Honey, it's all really something, but I can't read in bed at night with those dinky lamps." "Ugh, fine. I just hope you know you're RUINING the design." "Duarto, order that black Tizio, That will work into the scheme, right?"

Pigtown*Design said...

i think it's funny that none of the candlesticks have candles in them.

ChrisToronto said...

black rug sinks ship