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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How I relax

Decorators have weirdo hobbies like obsessively scanning real estate listings for dream projects to spin imaginary designs onto. You know, aspirational Manhattan lofts with two-story metal casement windows or quaint seaside cottages with pea gravel driveways. What - it's only me who does this? Figures.

Today's find is a small-ish house, heavy on the cute, located on Santa Barbara's Butterfly Beach. It's a hop, skip and jump from the famed Four Seasons Biltmore and the late Huguette Clark's massive estate (immediately to the left of the gray area under the word "waterfront"), famously purchased by the heiress in 1928 and visited only a handful of times.

At just over 2600 square feet, this charmer is on the petite side for a multi-million dollar property. But it's the location on a mostly-locals beach and the water views from nearly every window that you're paying for. Or actually I'll be paying for once I figure out to make a living being the anti-happy clapper blogger.

So let's take a stroll through, shall we?

 The entry. 

Sunny, bright and beautiful and definitely not a lounge area, the entry looks to be a later addition. A fiddle leaf fig and a few happy pieces of furniture are all that's needed to say "Welcome to paradise!"...

(click to enlarge)
Malibu chandelier, $895. Forest Park accent table, $708. Kilim Rose bench, $1298.

 The living room.

A ginormous window frames the front lawn, beach and ocean beyond. The furniture placement is wretched and ignores the room's money shot.

Instead, the sofa grouping needs to be moved to the left under the smaller windows. A desk scoots in front of the big window. I don't plan on getting any work done here, this is the party-planning and Pinterest-play spot...

 (click to enlarge)
Apostle cork shade lamp, $432. Oswald walnut end table, $2364. Hilltribe pillow, $315. Verano sofa, $1799. Saraband ottoman, $3698. Waverly pendant, $960. Phillip desk, $2160. Josephine chair, $550. Teagan accent table, $552. Lars chair, $2995. Abu Courtship pillow, $168. NuLoom Goa stool. Steel wire chair, $448.

The family room.

White-painted wood paneling and beams galore? Yes, please! The matchstick blinds may stay, but the rest of that worn-out furniture needs to go - pronto.

In its place, a high-low boho mix of periods and finishes with dusted with a few golden feathers...

 (click to enlarge)
Gwinnett floor lamp. Gold feather pillow, $450. Mangrove pillow, $495. Bluebell sofa, $2695. Cassidy lamp, $288. Dev side table, $850. Flokati Garvey chair, $998. Slim Round cocktail table, $229. Matchstick side table, $248. Bruno chair, $1650.

The dining room just off the kitchen.

I would replace the bay bump-out with fab French doors and give the countrified cabinets the heave-ho...

(click to enlarge)
Karlo pendant, $999. Tolix chair in Sapphire, $299. Mineral & Might dining table, $5998. Mitra napkin, $45 for 4. Hmong blanket, $235. Studio Sessions dinnerware, $20-98.

And a quick walk 'round takes us back to the front yard.

No improvement necessary.

Butterfly Beach Home, Santa Barbara [Sotheby's International Realty]


Margaret said...

You have many houses, one for every season
Mountains in your windows, violets in your hands
Thru your English meadows your blue-eyed horses wander
You're in Colorado for the Spring

When the Winter finds you, you fly to where it's summer
Rooms that face the ocean, moonlight on your bed
Mermaids swift as dolphins paint the air with diamonds
You are like a seagull as you said
I'm thinking Judy Collins would agree with you on this hobby of yours (and great furniture picks).

David said...

Lovely. Just lovely. Can you imagine what living there must do for your soul?

Annie Smith said...

Girl, you really know how to redecorate. Love your style. <3

Although, you missed it in the last photo. Improvement=you strolling on that beach, glass of (your fave drink) in hand, and the for sale sign tossed carelessly away, sucked out to sea by those gorgeous waves.

ayeM8y said...

I nearly fell over after reading the first paragraph. I scan for imaginary NYC properties and then use the floor plans to redesign the space as a way to keep sharp using CADD. I can do this for hours. Never got carried away with the actual decorating other than imagined. Now I have a new dimension for my frustrated design fix.

yippee said...

This is my daydreaming hobby as well. Did you happen to catch Mo Rocca's My Grandmother's Ravioli with Genevra Higginson-former diplomatic family. She, the Mrs Higginson was in charge of protocol for many years and the family lives in a 'cottage' on the beach when they are not globetrotting on our behalf. Sigh.

yippee said...

Sorry I was stunned by the 'comment moderation' and I forgot to mention that I love the Studio Sessions dinnerware and the new Antho site. I felt as though I was hold the bowl in my hands.

A Perfect Gray said...

this. this is why we love you.

Raina Cox said...

Margaret - Comment of the Day.

David - You'll drive up from your Palm Springs estate for weekend visits, right?

Annie Smith - Thank you, m'dear, and you're right. The view would be much improved with a cocktail (or three).

ayeM8y - Oh thank God I'm not the only one.

yippee - I have not seen that program and am off to figure out how to stream it...

A Perfect Gray - Aw, you're the best, Donna.

Appletree said...

whom ever staged that should be shot

5th and State said...

i should be working but am "relaxing" at a fav blog and then pinterest, then........

so already i am thinking "what if i sell everything i have...?" nope, could not afford the taxes

Lekalia Interiors said...

I love the way your brain works!

Lausi said...

Goodness, you're such a genius, Raina. The way you changed this already beautiful house into something even more magnificent with the suggested pieces you've listed here... I'm at awe!

You're amazing!