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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet Mark and Graham, Williams-Sonoma's newest lifestyle brand

San Francisco-based lifestyle retailer Williams-Sonoma this week introduced Mark and Graham, an online shop dedicated to 21st-century personalization. Say good-bye to the three-letter WASP block monogram and "Hello!" to the easily gift-able single letter and the inclusive dual-letter perfect for hyphenates, rainbow warriors and married ladies who prefer to keep their names (yours truly included).

"A play on words about creating one's own mark or monogram," Mark and Graham offers a handy how-to guide on its website encouraging customers to have fun with the once-staid identifier of the 1%. The monogramming guide offers over 50 font styles and an eye-popping selection of thread and digital printing colors.

Every item's personalization is included in the price, and purchases arrive in a "signature linen box finished with extra-wide grosgrain ribbon and a customizable gift card." To speed up delivery (standard is five to seven days with a rush option of two to three), Mark and Graham is using "machinery [Williams-Sonoma] has in place at a distribution center in Tennessee for its other brands," including Pottery Barn and West Elm.

Mark and Graham [official site]
Mark and Graham [Pinterest]
A More Modern Monogram Arrives [The Wall Street Journal]


Squeak said...

I already know who I am, so I don't need my initials on anything. Maybe I'll get stuff monogrammed when I start to suffer from dementia, though.

Pigtown*Design said...

they lost me when i saw their signet rings. call me a snob, but you're supposed to have your crest on your signet ring, no just one initial. that looks so mass-market.

Eric said...

Purchased 6 moscow mule mugs for my groomsmen. I was at one of their houses a few months later and noticed the mug in a cupboard, completely discolored and ruined. I asked what happened and apparently it was like that after hand washing the first time. I asked some other guys and they had the same issue. I emailed customer service to get a refund and they would not offer any sensible solutions. They asked for all 6 guys to mail back their mugs - that is not reasonable and they are customized so what is the point? After going through 7-8 customer service representatives and getting nowhere, I finally gave up. Please be careful on what you buy from M&G - their merchandise is poor quality and their customer service does not stand behind it!