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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Pottery Barn Passover

2013 has just kicked off, but I'm gonna hound you about the holidays like the good Jewish mama I am. Although Passover doesn't start for nearly three months, Pottery Barn has rolled out their first Pesach collection. Actually, "nod" is a better word since we're talking about two pieces. Given the popularity of their Hanukkah pieces over the past two years (due to the dearth of attractive Judaica), it's no wonder PB decided to jump on another Hebraic holiday.

The Seder plate ($59) is Michael Aram-esque with its branches and leaves, while the matzo plate ($19.50) is a simple square etched with a similar arboreal pattern and the word "matzo" in Hebrew.

If these do well, we can expect Rosh Hashanah honey pots and Purim cookie plates in 2014. With a Tuscany-by-way-of-Des-Moines flourish, of course.


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

I needed the giggle, my hangover thanks you. Happy new year Miss. R.

Raina Cox said...

Hollywood forever, Kevin - And a Happy Hew Year to you, m'luv!

Meranda S said...

What a beautiful UNIQUE passover Seder plate! I haven't seen anything like that before! Thank you for such a nice post