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Monday, January 21, 2013

Downton Abbey - Last night's Lady Violet scene stealer [SPOILERS]

In last evening's episode of Downton Abbey, former-chaffeur-turned-Irish-patriot Tom Branson arrives in the pouring rain under desperate and mysterious circumstances. In an after-dinner grilling by the Crowley family, Branson reveals he was involved in the terrorist torching of an ancestral great house in Ireland.

Branson: "They turned everyone out of the castle - Lord and Lady John Gahool, their sons and all the servants. And then they set fire to it."

Lady Edith: "Oh, what a tragedy."

The Dowager Countess: "Well, rather yes and no. That house was hideous. But, of course, that is no excuse."

Lord Grantham (with exasperation): "No, it is not."

Branson answers further questioning about his wife Lady Sybil's whereabouts and the reason behind his involvement in the attack.

Branson: "Those places are different for me. I don't look at them and see charm and gracious living. I see something horrible."

The Dowager Countess: "Well, with Gahool Castle, I rather agree."

Lord Grantham (with further exasperation): "Ma-ma, you are not helping."

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The Pink Pagoda said...

I want to be BFF with Lady Violet.

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

I love her. "What's a weekend?" was her best quote.

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

I love her. "What's a weekend?" was her best quote.

wellfedfred said...

I have to be Maggie Smith when I grow up, I just have to.

Juliab said...

Julian Fellowes had great fun writing her one liners!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I just got into series one this weekend and watched it all via Netflix. Then I couldn't wait to see what happened, so I Wiki'd series two just so I knew what was going when I caught last night's episode, hehe.