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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miranda Brooks' Brooklyn townhouse (again)

 Brooks and her husband Bastien Halard, 
nephew of famed interiors photographer François Halard.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself so taken with a certain shot of Vogue contributing editor Miranda Brooks' master bath that I ran like the wind to my copier, scanned the beauty and posted it faster than Lindsay Lohan ripped off Million Dollar Decorators. Today, Vogue posted the entire article online for us to connip over.
 (click any photo to enlarge)

 The master bedroom with de Gournay wallpaper.

 The sitting area of the master bedroom.

 The master bath.

 Another shot of the master bath.

 The living room.

 Daughter Violette Grey's bedroom.

 Daughter Poppy's bedroom.

 The playroom.

 Brooks, a landscape designer, turned the garden into a lush setting.

 Brooks and Halard's shared home office in the carriage house.

Photos: François Halard.

You can find these photos and much more deliciousness on my Pinterest board "Inspiring minds want to know."


An Urban Cottage said...

The raw wood/natural wood headboard against the de Gournay wallpaper is genius.

I love how everything isn't perfect but all combined it's perfection!

Peeta said...

How cool is that mdf-sofa in the third picture! I love that combination of modern and classic.

xxx Peeta

sanctuaryhome said...

That girls room looks like great inspiration for the Pea's next bedroom.

Jessica said...

Literally just flipped through this. Redic, dying, love the girls rooms.

Raina Cox said...

An Urban Cottage - That's exactly what I thought, Steve.

Peeta - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!

sanctuaryhome - But with a mountain twist, right?

Jessica - It makes me miss Domino. That would have been a cover article for sure.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Love it all. Especially the girls rooms and playroom. Hadn't heard that nasty story about Lindsay Lohan and Million Dollar Decorators. Wow.

lucitebox said...

Thanks for the new verbage--totally conniping over this place! The master bath slays me, but it is the garden that makes me want to get my head right on that yellow pillow. Stat!

(Also, her cutwork embroidered top is just amazing in that top photo.)


Raina Cox said...

The Pink Pagoda - Those girls' rooms are DREAMY. I keep finding new things to love in all of the photos.

lucitebox - The handsome French husband isn't too bad either.

Jessica said...

omg! that bathroom! and it even comes with a kitten!

Jessie said...

Wow! I love this fabulous home! The bathroom, living room and the girls' rooms are my favorites! I am off to pin these images now! Thanks for sharing, Raina.

Enjoy your weekend!


jason said...

Love that bathroom!