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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On Big Rock Candy Mountain - Lottery winner edition

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On Big Rock Candy Mountain, there is one house that outshines all others. And if I happen to win the lottery in the next couple of months, it will be mine.

It's the priciest house on Big Rock Candy by a few million simoleons. Because it sits on that mountain like a BOSS.

Built in 2000, it measures nearly 11,500 square feet, has 3,000 sq ft of roof deck (above) and boasts a five-car garage.

There is a two-story mother-in-law suite and presumably a top-notch intercom system so she can berate you remotely for your hoity-toity taste in housing...

MIL: So did you suck an entire quarry dry for those walls?

The kitchen is bit "meh" for such a stellar domicile. Though in 2000, it was probably pretty amazing.

I've been on Big Rock Candy more times than I can count, and I always see at least a dozen large critters roaming the open spaces. You can be guaranteed Bambi and the rest of his family will be catching a good look at your naughty bits as you bathe.

I was going to do up a couple of dream boards for this mountain-top monstrosity, but I'm sure to have my dreams dashed when my lottery ticket says "Don't even bother checking - you lost."

To see pieces I plan to use in my (eventual) new house, follow my Pinterest board "On Big Rock Candy Mountain." 


An Urban Cottage said...

My favorite part is the view...and the mother-in-law comment. Funny stuff.

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Thats such a sexy house that living with a MIL would be almost be tolerable!
Promise though R - when you DO win & buy this sexy piece of house the FIRST thing you will do is get rid of that hidie swirlie window number in the bathroom.

Sherri said...

I lurve that real estate especially! going to link to follow your brcmtn. board now...

Juliab said...

Just think yourself lucky if you don't win the lottery as you'd need to spend half your winnings on the window cleaners. Spectacular house but I think I would feel like I was rattling around in it whilst the other half and kids were at work/school. Either that or I would be dancing around laughing maniacally!

Debi Altbergs said...

great house - you almost made coffee come out of my nose. The MIL comments were awesome!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Indeed it is sexy. But is it sexy enough to make this guy want to live on something called Big Rock Candy Mountain?

That is the question

Lausi said...

I think I've just died and gone to heaven. This is such a beautiful house...!!!!

I keep my fingers crossed for your next lottery win! :))))