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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The goofiest thing(s) I desire

Oh hai! I'm Raina and I have a decorating addiction. It causes me to spend an inordinate (and shameful) amount of time devouring design blogs and stalking mark-downs of the goofiest things in home stores. Like this trio of cephalopod-inspired candle holders

Do I live near the sea? Nope. Do I especially like swimming in unchlorinated water? Nope.

There's no explaining or reasoning. I just have to have them.

What's your current unreasonable decorating obsession, Dumplings?


MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

I can see why they are a must tactile, the wonderful shapes. It is the same with my love for architectural fragments in decorating.

Modern Country Lady said...

hehehe .. these are horrible , creepy and great looking at the same time..

I have had a lifelong Fornasetti Obsession and would love to have a great mansion with huge walls, simply so I can hang a whole collection of 16 Fornasetti plates which together depict a nude of Adam and Eve.If you want to see what I mean check out

I also found this incredible agathe chandelier which is now also on my list I am dying to have- here's the link

Happy new year and happy lusting-after hehehe

A Perfect Gray said...

I would have bet they were from JA...

Kare said...

Expensive curtains for a great price~read cheap!
My daughter doesn't think I'll find them. Wish me luck in 2013, I would love to prove her wrong!

Squeak said...

Oh my God, I absolutely love those calamari candlesticks!

My current unreasonable decorating obsession? A Tara Shaw metal Italian campaign bed. The bed itself is wonderful - it's the price that's unreasonable!

Raina Cox said...

MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques - Hello and welcome!

Modern Country Lady - Those are both so great. Wishing you a magnificent mansion!

A Perfect Gray - I can see that, Donna.

Kare - You're right - window treatments are so nuts in price. Fingers crossed for you!

Squeak - Holy guacamole, that's one exquisite bed.

YHBHS said...

baskets. and more baskets. and then a few more baskets for magazines, towels, books, folders, socks, etc.:)

jason said...

anything gilt and kinda Louis.
I'm a bit addicted.

Oh, I'm thinking octopi will be the next owls.

Raina Cox said...

YHBHS - I see you're a sorter like me.

jason - I can think of worse addictions.

Slightly off topic - I once had a client who owned a wonky French chair. She called it "Louis XVII" which cracked me up to no end.