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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well, hello Handsome!

IKEA Micke desk + so much more.

I wandered over to IKEA this afternoon after a delicious Lebanese lunch with my best friend. Bonus - it was served by a swarthy man of loin-dampening Middle Eastern lusciousness.

I was on a mission to pick up a Malm 3-drawer chest for LB's closet. (His lingerie storage needs are out of control.) I checked out the mirrored version and its top was scratched to hell - theory confirmed. The white oak finish matches our bed and has the added value of actually being wood rather than a giant wood-like sticker. I was sorely tempted to buy the Nyvoll 3-drawer chest (below) in the gray finish because in person it's sexy as all get-out. But it's two and a half times as much as the Malm, and I'm still plugging away at our kitchen remodel.

What really caught my eye was the Micke desk (see first photo) for 69 damn dollars. Sixty-freakin'-nine!! That handsome son of a gun is more flexible than David Bowie's sexuality. I see it as a sessy buffet in the mirrored nook of a dining room (hey, I've got one of those!) or werking it hard behind a badass Patricia Urquiola Moroso sofa. 

Note to IKEA, please knock this one off ASAP:

So, Dumplings, what retail intrigue have you been up to lately?


Mrs Woog said...

Do you know we pay up to 4 times the price of Ikea stuff in Australia and our dollar is the same as yours? Why, Raina..... Why? Make it stop..... *bursts into tears but diligently writ down everything you lust after so I can get it an fstylish....*

My Crafty Home Life said...

Too bad you didn't take a picture of the waiter, I finished the 50 shades series ages ago. I'm off to Ikea this weekend. I'll be checking out Micke.

Raina Cox said...

Mrs Woog - That's a damn shame. When we were living in NZ there was talk of one going in in Auckland, but Freedom and Noel Leeming fought it like mad. I can only imagine what the Kiwi prices would have been.

We brought quite a bit of IKEA over from the US (flatpacked) and sold it for a fortune on TradeMe when we left.

My Crafty Home Life - I think we made the poor boy nervous as hell with our batting eyes and lascivious smiles. He didn't stick around the table long enough for photos.

David said...

I have second-hand rather than retail intrigue. A friend has four, and needs to shed at least two, school chemistry lab tables. The really simple ones with the thick black stone tops.

Trying to decide between refinishing the legs and apron (currently a yellowish tone) or having Carpenter Bill build me a more Parsons-like base I can drop that top on. Its the perfect size for the wall where I'm hanging the woodblocks.

court. said...

I used this desk in an office install i did for a boutique client. It's stylish and fantastic for the price...just wondering how long the desks will hold up with wear and tear. said...

What have we been buying? Window 'furniture'. Definitely not loin-dampening (with days over 100 degrees it'd be hard to tell anyway) but necessary, or so they say.

And I'm with Mrs Woog. Every damned thing for the house is at least twice the price in Uh Straya as it is elsewhere in the world. Ith thimply not fair.

Raina Cox said...

David - Is Carpenter Bill the cute one? If so, then a new base is in order.

court. - At that price, she could replace every year. Eek - how un-environmental of me!

PP - I say you and Woogie come to Denver for a visit (I have two guest rooms) and buy all new wardrobes and a boatload of small home accessories. Anything that fits in a suitcase. The trips will pay for themselves!