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Friday, February 8, 2013

5 truisms of Pinterest

I joined Pinterest a little over six months ago to wean a new client desperate for visual inspiration off the weekend warrior awfulness of Houzz (that name, I can't). I had resisted P-ville's lure for a couple of years because I (wrongly) thought it meant the death of blogging and (rightly) felt it would give rise to discussion-less swoonery.

And then I fell down the rabbit hole.

So. Many. Pretty. Pictures.


After coming up for air and having a dig around, I found there are a few truths about the Pinterest...

1. Spend three days on Pinterest and you will have a PhD in philosophy.

2. The Pinterest Corollary: the dumber the pin, the greater the number of re-pins.

3. Surrounding every "motivation" photo of a ripped gym bunny are five recipes for brownie dip, pizza casserole and DIY Reese's Cups.

 (Actually she was an unfaithful narcissistic racist 
prone to violent rages, but whatevs, she dressed cool.)

4. Fairly awful human beings are given a pass for being "chic." Bonus points and a free ride to Heaven on a pink unicorn if you're Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow or a dead Kennedy.

5. All make-up tutorials make you like a Kardashian.

Your turn, Dumplings. Are you on Pinterest and what have you noticed?


Peeke said...

There is a whole lotta bad taste out there. Thank God I can filter my feed. I see the most atrocious pictures of things people do to their homes that belong on "Bad Real Estate Photos". And of course those get hundred of repins.

ita darling. said...

1. There are those who pin and those who re-pin (and like).

2. Its a great reference point for recipes (especially if you have a crockpot. LOL)

3. When i browse through my old pins-its like the happiest place on the internet. You can really SEE a summary of your taste and lifestyle.. intersting.

4. LOVE being able to UNFOLLOW the obsessive baby planning/ wedding planning pinners in my friend's list.

5. Bitches LOVE some quotes. It's like a highschool slambook.

6. It's inspired me to want to work out, but I still don't.

I am not as addicted as some.. but its a nice place to see what my talented or tastemaking friends are looking at and inspired by.. really a cool tool..

PS- my favorite board I have seen is from my best friend and old roommate- it's called "Creepy Dream Condo" its too good..

My Crafty Home Life said...

What about our group board "Wallpaper & Stencils"? People love that one. Now I don't like CBK. I'm pinning the Emmerson quote.

Raina Cox said...

My Crafty Home Life - You're right, Linda. Our group board is AWESOME, and here's the link for anyone who wants to follow:

jason said...

this is why I stick to tumblr...
at least the porn doesn't make you look like a Kardashian. Well, for the most part ...

eddielicious said...

ok geez now I just wasted an hour, I went to look at your wallpaper board then I got sidetracked looking at the contributing pinners boards....but my pinterest boards (Laura M) for sure make me look cooler than I thing about pinterest : my family eats better because now I have a recipe "file".....I do like pinterest as a research tool, its more effiecient the Google sometimes...and I post all my embarrassing stuff like cat pictures, lame quotes and pioneer woman recipes to a PRIVATE board people! literally called "embarrassing stuff" are my first read every morning my dear!

life, in small chunks said...

I, too, fought Pinterest for a long time but ended falling down the rabbit hole as well. While I love Pinterest, I can sum up the majority of posters with one comment that a (presumably - hopefully) young girl posted regarding some rediculously ugly item: "it's so cute and elegant." I don't know about you, but those words are pretty much mutually exclusive.

wellfedfred said...

luv you, Raina!
And as for CBK, she should have been dunked for witchcraft.

David said...

I have resisted Pinterest. I suspect my boards would look a lot like the directory on my laptop. Recipes, things for the house I build in my head, furniture refinishing samples, and porn.

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

Love love love this post. I get sick of looking at all the same stuff sometimes. I'm OVER Gwyneth. So she's skinny and blonde and writes cookbooks about shitty food. WHO GIVES A SHIT!

hush said...

Amen, Raina, you had me at CBK - "but whatevs, she dressed cool."

@ita darling. also nailed it with this: "5. Bitches LOVE some quotes. It's like a highschool slambook." My favorite Pinterest-sourced (i think?) quote:

"Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and you make bad decisions."

I've also noticed an overabundance of PTA-mom-ish fug crafty schizz on there.

Cozy Little House said...

Just found your blog. Oh, how we stumble... Facebook didn't faze me. Twitter didn't make me bat an eye. But Pinterest...oh sweet heaven. I've pinned the nights away. Pretty after pretty whizzing by and being pinned into my immense library called Boards. Truly like going down a hole. Will someone throw a rope down please?

home before dark said...

I don't Pin, but pleazzz I like Houzzz. Pin feels like a No Exit bad high school. Sorry.

Robin said...

My Pin observations:

Lots of great recipes mixed with some really crappy Sandra Lee-esque sodium-laden, cheese- or chocolate-covered slop (or frighteningly, both).

Apparently everyone but me has hours and hours to do really detailed manicures involving ombre, dots, flowers and glitter.

A surprising number of pinners don't understand that YOU CLICK ON THE PICTURE to get to the tutorial/instructions/recipe/etc. The comments with "where is the recipe?" over and over even though someone else has commented "click on the pic you dummy" make me want to slap someone.

An equally surprising number of pinners don't understand that the caption you make is what makes the pin searchable and therefore useful. Describing something as "cute!", "wow", "<3" or my favorite: "...". Ugh, I hate you.

OK, rant over.

Raina Cox said...

Peeke - I dare you to create that board.

ita darling. - You are right on every count and your friend's board is HILARIOUS. I had a snark board when I first started pinning but no one got it. There were so many re-pins with "swoon/cute/perfect!" that I deleted it in defeat.

jason - I'm pretty sure you could find enough porn to peak your interest. ;)

eddielicious - You flatter me, my darling. Thank you!

life, in small chunks - If you want to see some really mind-bending stuff, search out the boards young Mormon women devote to their overseas missionary boyfriends.

wellfedfred - You know the admiration is mutual, m'luv.

David - I would totally follow all of those boards.

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains - There's a rumor burning up the interwebs that Miz Gwyneth will be announcing her divorce in a couple of weeks. OOOOH - hot goss!

hush - You're right about the PTA craftulence. Who has that much free time? And that many pipecleaners?

Cozy Little House - Welcome to this deliciousness!

home before dark - Follow my and my friends' Pin boards and you will see the light. ;)

Robin - I was going to comment on the nail art. It's something else. I was raised a lady only paints her toes and buffs her fingernails. And that's all I'll say on that subject.

Keri said...

Raina, as usual, you are spot on. I think my time on pinterest is directly proportional to my lack of time working out. Coincidence?

As for your comment about GP, I wish I hadn't read that…I admit she does no wrong in my eyes.

My Interior Life said...

Good to know I'm a lady on the nail-painting front anyway! :)

Agreed with all the above. Although, I'll admit that I pinned my first Gwyneth photo the other day but it was only for her haircut. I swear. I need a new 'do. Divorce, huh? Interesting.

I get re-pinned for the weirdest stuff. People are strange. And yes, I do have some quotes, so sue me.

life, in small chunks said...

I'm gonna check the young Mormon women's board asap! Aand I cracked up when I read the one comment about "good recipes, especially if you own a crockpot"!!

Margaret said... name is Margaret, and I'm a Polyvore addict.

I go to Pinterest for good hairstyles for my fashion sets.

Where are the donuts..?

vicki archer said...

Loved this... so spot on... I spend as much time deleting feed as I do adding pins..
But when it's good... it's good...
Have a great weekend... and by the way... love, love the Ikea chair... xv

The Pink Pagoda said...

I liked you before, but now I know you're a soul sister. Linda (MCHL) and I complain about everything you're discussing here. Especially the make up tutorials. Those must be for the narcissists with not enough to do and are pinning all of the Jaqueline Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy pins.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Oh, where to begin? I haven't time, actually to answer that question, but you have definitely nailed some of the high points.

As for fairly awful people getting a pass for being chic, blogging finally got me over that disease. The mere fact that somewhere, on thousands of blogs ever day, someone is worshipping the Duchess of Windsor just amazes and disgusts.

The Down East Dilettante said...

PS. Did I mention that too many people clearly have too much time on their hands and too little in their brains?

well, you asked for my opinion. Off to do my make-up. That last was inspiring.....

Just call me the Downeast Kardashian from now on.. said...

I thought Ita Darling's "cool tool" was a reference to the people who use Pinterest -an appellation I clearly can't aspire to since I haven't managed to summon the wherewithal to pin one single picture on my account, despite getting it over a year ago.

lucitebox said...

I finally created an account. (I aslo have a landline, p.s.) I'm following you because you posted that god damn Bill Murray pillow. There's a moratorium on pillows here, but what a great thing that is! For that, Pinterest is worth the admission.

Maybe I'll become a junky, but for now, the site gives me anxiety around organizing things. I get the same feeling when I drive past the Container Store.

Raina Cox said...

Keri - I could be an Olympic athlete if I spent my Pinterest time working out.

My Interior Life - I won't sue ya, Babe. I'm sure your quotes are the loftiest of the lofty. ;)

life, in small chunks - Those crockpot ladies don't mess around.

Margaret - Ack! Polyvore. There are just too many great platforms out there.

vicki archer - Sometimes the *unfollowing* is just as satisfying as the following. ;)

The Pink Pagoda - Back atcha, Sister.

PP@pimpmybricks - Rigor-pinterest!

lucitebox - You honor me, dear lady. Don't worry about the organizing, just start clicking. You can sort it all out later.

5th and State said...

my typically addictive personality fell down the snake pit some time ago

BUT, it's a great tool for my landscape and interior clients, i can get them to FOCUS!

one thing i have noticed is when i am stressed i go to pinterest and mindlessly pin may see me on there.......constantly

please stage an intervention if you see me pin turning toilet paper rolls into cat toys

Bromeliad said...

Must click "Following" immediately. This erases all inspirational quotes, baked goods, buttocks, and Kardashians.

Suzanne said...

I e-mailed you a link to a Pinterest pin that pictured a room described as "romantic". Well, yeah, if you're looking for the New Orleans whorehouse theme.

Raina Cox said...

Dumplings - Suzanne sent me a post on romantic bedrooms:

Photo #3 is singer Christina Aguilera's master bedroom in the house she bought from Ozzy Osbourne (the one featured in his reality show of the early Aughts). Miz A. had the house on the market for the past two year and only sold it last week. Click through to see why:

Thanks, Suzanne! That was AWESOME.

Molly said...

The problem with Pinterest is the number of houses I'm going to have to build in order to accomodate all the different types of decor I've pinned.

I didn't plan to do this, it just happened.

Raina Cox said...

Molly - I know just what you mean. Rehabilitating an old French chateau figures into neither my budget nor my available free time.