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Friday, March 15, 2013

Can I marry a house?

No doubt if you've received the April Elle Decor, pages 140-47 are sticky. Because, like me, you know interiors porn rarely reaches this level of amazingness, and you've already locked yourself away in your bedroom with the issue. And a tissue.

I mean - GOOD GOD - people really live like this?!

 Damn photo sizing - click to enlarge and behold the splendor.

 Again, click to enlarge and behold.

 Sweet puppeh, I want to live with you!

Okay, a show of hands. Who is going to time-share this with me next winter?

Photos: William Abranowicz for Elle Decor.


sanctuaryhome said...

It is amazing though I want to find the closet where they stuffed all the clutter for the photo shoot. I don't think anyone can live this minimalist - or maybe it is just me.

David said...

Think how tan we'd be from the frequent swims!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Oh, I hope this house has affairs---

Nancy said...

Yeah I saw that and I died. TO LIVE ON the water, literally, oh my..utopia for me. Yes, I'd marry that house.
xo Nancy

Margaret said...

And yet we keep building houses with vinyl siding and faux brick fronts.

Carmen Christensen said...

I would live here in a nano second! Amaze!

Annie Smith said...

I can't feel my hand...all of the blood has drained out...want to time share!

Bromeliad said...

Yes, that was my fave, too. I appreciated that he didn't overdo anything.

Jordana said...

Oh man - I drooled over these photos and article in Elle Decor. Just gorgeous!