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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can we talk about Shoshanna's apartment on 'Girls'?

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If you're watching HBO's "Girls," then you are intimately acquainted with manic college senior Shoshanna Shapiro's SoHo apartment, occasional home to her aimless boyfriend Ray and her bohemian British cousin Jessa. The $2100 a month rent is paid for by her parents, as presumably were her furnishings.

The set is perfection, a mash-up of every swoon-y blog trend of the past five years. Designed by Laura Ballinger Gardner, who also created the sets of the brilliant "Veep," Shosh's place is what I imagine every post-Aughts sorority sister's off-campus apartment to look like - pink, Paris and full of undying devotion to Apartment Therapy craftulence.

 The initial design for Shoshanna's apartment.

 Craftulence. And an Eiffel Tower.

 Shosh's obsession with SATC cracks me up.
Also, X benches and a West Elm sofa.

 There's that dumb Target lamp shade also seen on the "Mad Men" set.
And the obligatory Keep Calm poster. In pink.

Last season's stuffed animals have been replaced...

... with lots of pillows with words. 
The headboard was recovered, most likely when Shosh got excited-sauce 
about an AT DIY post.

 An Eiffel Tower wall sticker on the fridge.

 I bet Bubbe paid for the custom window treatment.

Chinoiserie, trellis patterns and a Moroccan wedding blanket.

Who else loved that Crate and Barrel's Ming chairs popped up when Hannah's temporary roommate and ex college parmour Elijah persuaded his rich, older boyfriend to fund some redecorating?

Are you a "Girls" girl (or guy)? Do you think the sets are right on for underpaid 20-somethings living in NYC?


sanctuaryhome said...

I am most definitely a Girls girl, though I haven't had a chance to watch this season yet. I think the set designer did an exceptional job of reading the character's back story and designing around it. I have never known an under paid 20 something making their way in NYC, but I have a feeling they would love to have this much space and new stuff.

My Interior Life said...

I have cable but not HBO, so I need to remedy that. We actually got a free preview a while back and I loved Girls. Perfect, trendy mish-mash. I actually have that West Elm headboard - didn't dye mine pink though.

court. said...

The set is utterly bananas and not at all right for a college kid in their 20s in NYC. Unless mummy and daddy are footing the bill, as many of them are in NYC, a few things are off.

I'm in my 30s, I have an amazingly good job, and I STILL have roommates in NYC. We have a 3 bed conversion apartment (meaning one bedroom was made from walling off part of the living room) and it's under 800 squ ft.

People making six figures a year will be hard pressed to afford that studio in soho alone unless they choose to live totally house-poor.

ah, the glitz and glam of tv...and rich parents...anyone wanna adopt me?

Marzz said...

I love Girls. What scares me is if I were a single woman, this is what my apartment would look like. And I'm almost *gulp* 52. In people years.

Where can I get those pillows?

Raina Cox said...

Marzz - The word pillows are from Alexandra Ferguson.

life, in small chunks said...

Have never seen the show and don't know wth you are talking about. However, did want to say I have never seen nor heard the word craftulence before, but will be using it on a daily basis from here on out!

Raina Cox said...

life, in small chunks - I have nearly two dozens posts devoted to it. Look left for the tag. >>

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I think I'm one Eiffel tower away from this apartment. Sans the pink. Chinoiserie, trellis, and x-bench love - guilty.

The Pink Pagoda said...

I want to see that show along with several other HBO shows. I have Showtime and for some reason no HBO. Not sure if I want to watch badly enough to call the cable company! I love Chinoiserie, obviously, but please no Eiffel Towers.

Kate said...

I'd never heard of the show, but from your decor synop, and taking into account the twenty something factor: there are no bare bulbs, so that strikes me as suspect and lighting in general seems to be well thought out and "complete"
Nobody figures out lighting until they've spent a years salary on home decor subscriptions and z gall unfortunates.

Bill Carter said...

No TV? Guess she doesn't watch HBO sitcoms.

In fact, no consumer electronics at all--not even an alarm clock or a sound system.

I assume she has an IPod, which would explain the lack of a laptop.

of this earth said...

Within the constraints of tv-land, I think it's a great job of capturing both Shoshanna's character and more generally the 20-something apartment. There's the metro-shelving clothesrack which attests to a lack of closet space, unframed poster that will make her cringe with embarassment in a few more years, ill-conceived AT-esque dresser makeover, and the remainder of the decor looks like it was vomited forth from a Marshall's or TJ Maxx. The un-Shoshanna elements (Moroccan blanket, awkwardly hung tapestry, scarf-over-lampshade and general disarray of that corner) were from the early episodes when Jessa was living there, I kind of assumed that stuff was hers.

Raina Cox said...

of this earth - Agree with every point.

hush said...

I adore the show. Lena Dunham's writing is genius. And I have the IKEA version of that wicker pendant light hanging in my guest room.

I could have sworn I saw a new rug at Shoshanna's place this season - it was in a big sakura blue floral outlined in brown, exactly like Pottery Barn's Bridget Rug that came out circa 2008.

Erin said...

No way she could have that apartment in SOHO for 2100.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Much more realistic than that flat in friends. On a part time waitress salary?