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Monday, April 22, 2013

My chat with Kevin Beer of 'LA Shrinks'

Kevin Beer and his husband, Dr. Greg Cason, of "LA Shrinks."

Tonight is the season finale of Bravo's "LA Shrinks" (10pm/9pm Central). It stars Dr. Greg Cason, husband of my good friend interior designer Kevin Beer. Over the weekend, I had a chance to e-chat with Kevin about his life recently on and off camera...

How did Greg's being on the show come about? 
I think a friend saw the ad and mentioned it to him. Over the years, Greg has done media camera work before in his field, so it wasn't a big stretch. He auditioned, and then he and I auditioned. So of course once they saw me, they had to have him. At least that what I tell him every single day! All in all, it took about two years before it hit the small screen.

Do you feel your and Greg's relationship was accurately represented?
The show is really all about Greg's story and his work, which it was supposed to be. My part is strictly the First Lady. So with that said, I knew I was going into it as the quiet, supportive type. What you don't see is my tongue bleeding from biting it. I might be at times supportive, but never quiet. Greg and I have been together for many years and we fight, man, do we fight. But I think what you see on the show is tenderness, and that was accurately represented.
Greg confronted some incredibly difficult personal issues throughout the season. How did you as his partner and you two as a couple deal with these?
It was tough. We've been together for almost 24 years dealing with it, but it's very different watching it. I think the first 3 episodes, I hid my eyes and at one time, I had to even leave the room. Greg's story is very personal and also very universal. How does one deal with childhood abuse? It's Greg way of showing the world with hard work and whole lot of love, you can heal.

What are your thoughts on how middle-aged gay men are portrayed on television? 
I don't think there are middle-aged gay men on TV, certainly not in the movies. I don't think Hollywood thinks it can make any money on us. [It's] sad, if you ask me. But let me tell you, I'm 60 years old and of the times I've been recognized, it's always older gay men who are the ones who thank me for doing the show and say how much it means to them to see someone like themselves portrayed on TV. Which, of course, always makes me tear up and I thank them over and over again, as if they just gave me a million dollars.

As a professional interior designer based in LA, what are your thoughts about fellow Bravo show "Million Dollar Decorators"?
I read it was cancelled, which is too bad. I thought the characters were great. For television, HGTV might just rule the roost in the design department. I'm just not sure. I do know the designers on the show are incredibly talented and very respected here in town. I just ran into Martyn at Trader Joe's the other day, and it turns out Greg went out with Jeffery [Alan Marks] years ago. It's a small big town.

What did you think of the Greg's giving the world a tour of your home?
What is every designer's nightmare? Having your doctor spouse host a visual tour of the work you've done, describe the family antiques, and explain the history of architecture and style on national television. You can see why Betty Ford turned to drink!

Have you seen an uptick in your design business from being on "LA Shrinks"?
Not a thing! People think I'm a psychologist now and tell me all their problems.

Without giving too much away about tonight's season finale, can you share your thoughts about your wedding?
Never wear a shiny purple tie and matching handkerchief, ever!

Photos: courtesy of Bravo.

Hollywood forever, Kevin [official site]
LA Shrinks [Bravo]


My Interior Life said...

He is too cute. I've watched this show off and on, and really kind of like it. Greg kind of reminds me of Jeff Lewis (in looks, not temperament). I don't understand the problem with Bravo and design shows. I still mourn the loss of Top Design (or whatever it was called - see, it's been so long I've forgotten). And MDD cancelled? Boo hiss.

An Urban Cottage said...

I really enjoyed the sense of humor that Kevin revealed in this interview. I wish we had seen that more in the show. WIll be sorry to see the show end.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

You are always on the mark! Thanks so much for listening and letting me babble on. That was fun, Betty finally got to speak!
Oh, one more thing what happened to my thick brown hair?
Your aging friend,

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Steve, I couldn't agree with you more!

gigiofca said...

I only saw one episode, but watched the entire thing. Great interview and love the pictures shared. Awwww :)

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...I liked the purple ties! I can imagine you cringing at Greg's description of the home tour. So fun to see a friend on tv. I always say I'm watching my friends on Bravo but now it really is true. I'm very sad to see Million Dollar Decorators go. It was so much better than anything HGTV does. Kevin!

Brenda Murphy said...

Lucky us that follow your blog! Thanks for sharing:)

YHBHS said...

LOVE this, and adore Kevin.

I nearly cried last night when I watched the wedding, especially over Greg's sisters toast.


David John

life, in small chunks said...

I guess I somehow missed this post at the time it was posted. Sorry to be late to the party, but I just wanted to say I CAN NOT BELIEVE Kevin is 60!! Damn. Men age so nicely.