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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

(Part of) A day in the life of Raina

6:17am  Wake up and realize the alarm doesn't go off for another 43 minutes. Roll over and have flash dream that my daughter has lice. P.S. My daughter doesn't have lice.

6:43am  Pea comes into the bedroom and in fabulous mood and demands breakfast. I try to convince her to give me snuggles until 7am. Pleading does not work.

6:47am  In the kitchen, making Pea a healthy breakfast of super grain-y colon cleansing toast and strawberries. Pea gets the last of the raspberries, which are a little mushy but not yet covered in white fuzz. Mom of the Year!

7:52am  Still at the breakfast table. You have no idea how long this kid takes to eat. A PB&J can be 90 minutes. Meanwhile, I've checked up on the world and done some bleary-eyed Pinning. An orange floral trellis-patterned rug makes the cut. I am sleepy.

8:05am  Into the family shower. We put a 30-square-foot shower room in our master bath a couple of years ago because we're a bunch of dirty hippies.

8:29am  We're both scrubbed and dressed and Pea has just enough time to catch a few minutes of her current favorite movie, "Superman II." Christopher Reeve was a hottie goofball. 

8:39am  We're getting a new countertop in the main floor bath today, and I decide I have enough time to take the door off its hinges. I find that the hinge pins are painted in (former owner) and have to chip them out. I forget the time and nearly make Pea tardy for school.

9:17am  Back at it in the bathroom, taking the drawers out and the doors off of the bath cabinet. The entire room and the cabinet are getting painted after the new counter goes in. Photos to come...

10:01am  I decide to go ahead and sand the walls down. They are coated with a light yellow superdeedooper high gloss paint. And the dolt who did it (former owner) must have dumped a bag of dryer lint in the pan for effect. Hence the orbital sander.

10:14am  While digging around for tools, the phone rings. A roofer is on his way to take a look at a leaking gutter. Because our house is not content to stay in sell-able shape. It has to open up a can of whoop-ass on the wallet just weeks before listing.

10:20am  The roofer arrives and tells me it's an easy fix. Thank you, Baby Jesus! He'll have to get back to me on the price. Of course. I hear my house snickering as I walk back to the garage.

10:55am  I don't have a fine grit sander pad and head to the hardware store. I usually try to put on perfume and make-up because I get better service, but time is of the essence so I head out looking like a supersized Rachel Maddow in stained yoga pants. GLAMOUR with a "u"!

11:37am  I give a saucy wink to my favorite Home Depot boi Jacqueline and head to power tools. I think I made her day. I find the pads and stop to give some lawn chairs the once over on my way out. You know what? I don't hate those rainbow-colored plastic Adirondacks.

1:02pm  I have the bathroom walls sanded and just enough time to rinse the yellow dust off before the counter crew arrives.

1:24pm  I'm fresh as a daisy and parked on the sofa Pinning again waiting for the counter dudes to show up. I run across this photo and think "Decorating no-no hole":

1:56pm  Because I'm not right in the head, I decide my Dumplings need to see the Decorating No-no Hole, too. 

2:25 pm  The counter crew is 15 minutes away!

What highjinks are you all up to today?

Update: I think I've fixed all of the typos. There must have been lead in that paint I sanded.


An Urban Cottage said...

Enjoyed this post. Colon-cleansing post sounds yummy. Home Depot boi Jacqueline. Priceless.

On the bright side, I saw on TV--so it must be true--the RE market in Denver is hot, hot, hot. Good for selling but not so much for buying.

Camilla said...

I loved this glimpse into your life R!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I never laughed so hard in a while. This made my day....mostly because I realized my day is better than yours! There is a waitress at the coffee shop I frequent...I know she wants me. Once in a while I say to my you want to be like mommy?

Annie Smith said...

I bought the turquoise plastic adirondacks and love them against the northwest green foresty backyard my deck looks onto. I was wondering if you'd like them. :)

Hearing you on the spare minute remodeling (hubby and I are sleeping in a destroyed master bedroom half ceilinged, and half walled at the moment)! Will be so worth it in the end......hopefully soon.

I hope your house blinks off the market the minute you list it!

David said...

The only thing missing is:

2:38 pm, Dave arrives just before the hot counter guys and begins mixing cocktails. We seat ourselves to maximize the view of the crew. He surreptitiously pins Manhunt Men of the Week photos onto Recipes and House Ideas boards every time I run to check on countertop progress.

Nataliya said...

this was awesome :) i absolutely sympathize with you. our house decided to crack a hardwood floor piece two days before it was due to be listed. had to cut it out and install the entire new piece. said...

Here for the very first time today and you had me at "adirondak chair." I have four... in red, though everyone keeps telling me they are pink. Haters. In any event, +1 follower. Really enjoyed!

Raina Cox said...

asheadesignlab - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Thanks to this little snippet into Raina-world! Good luck with the sale - always such a stressful time!

A Perfect Gray said...