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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My advertising policy

R lurves L.

You may have noticed what look like sponsor ads over on the top left side of La Lamp Shade. I don't take advertisers on my blog because I figure y'all don't want to see a mess of links for mattress box sets and random designers who mark up to-the-trade items. You're here for pretty pictures of pretty places and my highly lovable crankiness.

So who are those two lovely ladies hanging out to the left? A couple friends of mine who have some super fab stuff you should buy. Miz Annie Smith is the silver smithing genius of Tarnished & True. If you're a boho hippie chick like me who loves nothing more than a huge hunk of turquoise on a silver band, then Annie's your gal.

She contacted me a couple of weeks ago to thank me for sending traffic her way and asked if she could make me something special. Uh, yeah. It happened to be my wedding anniversary that day, so I asked her to whip up one of her famous heart rings with "R & L." Being the generous spirit she is, Annie also sent along a couple of extra pretties to keep the heart ring company.

I can't wait to buy some of Annie's big honkin' turq pieces now that our dumb house is finally hitting the market (no more plowing every cent into it). And if you don't already have a Mother's Day gift, go check out Annie's Etsy shop and tell Mom something awesome is headed her way.


A Perfect Gray said...

happy anniversary to you and lb, raina. good stuff - I liked the natural turquoise pieces. hope your house goes quickly...candy mtn. here yous come.

Lekalia Interiors said...

Looks like I owe you a pillow! :)
Need something for the new home? I'm serious!

Annie Smith said...

Aww girl! I just know you are rockin' that new bling like it's the new biggest thang! Loved making and sending you the spoils-thanks again for gracing your blog with my work!

Biggest XOs


Raina Cox said...

Lekalia Interiors - Nothing owed, Hun. I like doing nice things for nice people, but keep that to yourself. I have a cranky reputation to protect.

Nancy said...

luv u girl, your writing always cheers me up.

Robin said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck with the house selling!

Jessie said...

Happy Anniversary, Raina!