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Saturday, June 1, 2013

From fabulous to fabulous

 Nancy Buck "Princess" Pyne in her Albert Hadley-designed living room 
at Cherryfields, c. 1962. The chairs are covered in a chintz recently 
reinterpreted by Schumacher - "Pyne Hollyhock."

 A wide shot of the room.

The same room today as decorated by new-ish owners, 
John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross.

Photos: 1. via Pinterest, 2. via Pinterest, 3. Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

My thanks to The Down East Dilettante for the tip-off!


Nancy said...

I adore the 1962 version. All those trends, dark floors, florals, animal, are back! is big hair back? No can do.
Hope you have a great weekend Raina.
xo Nancy

Merlyn Corcoran said...

Classic style and Princess Pyne continue to reign!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Only a grande dame can do eccentric and classic and pull it off perfectly like that. I want to be her.

Kate said...

Kerry said it best.
The look, the hair!!

A said...

Always a sucker for a skirted table, mid-room, filled with all sorts of eye candy.

Also a sucker for anything c. 1962.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I agree that the 1962 version was best. I think that the lighting, photography and elegant subject helped tremendously. It looks like she had a very charmed life. What style!

jason said...

Oh my goodness... that hair!
Love it.
Forget the zebra...I'd like to skin *that* and have it as my rug.