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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book review: 'Tom Scheerer Decorates'

When you first pick up Tom Scheerer Decorates, you should remove the dust jacket. The cover is a tactile pattern meant to look and feel like woven rattan caning. And then the fun begins...

Interior designer Tom Scheerer.

Author Mimi Read gives us a romp of an opener, introducing Tom Scheerer the Person who informs Tom Scheerer the Designer:

He's 6'2", with textbook Anglo-Saxon good looks: snapping blue eyes, fair skin, a high forehead, and thick gray hair that stands up and flops over. He's deftly, sometimes devastatingly verbal. His cerebral authority explains the nickname that an astute friend gave him years ago: Thomas Aquinas.

 A large octagonal coffee table anchors the living room of a Rhode Island summer home.

Scheerer grew up in a WASPy New England family with multiple generations sharing (still) a summer home filled with sisal rugs, furniture painted Practical White and crafts from local talent. His signature look of natural materials, "good" furniture and found objects reflects this idyllic upbringing. What keeps his work from looking like an installation homage to Take Ivy is its spareness mixed with the occasional zing of a mid-century modern piece.

 A Donald Baechler drawing hangs above a Directoire commode.

The book is divided into three sections: "City," "Country" and "Tropics." It is a brilliant sensory way to lead the reader through Scheerer's projects. By the final project - his seminal Lyford Cay Club - you're ready for a mai tai in your private Scheerer-decorated cabana.

The Lyford Cay Club.

All photos courtesy of the book's photographer, Francesco Lagnese.

My thanks to Meghan Phillips of The Vendome Press for the review copy!


DaniBP said...

Oooh goody! I pre-ordered my copy a couple of weeks ago... waiting waiting. Thanks for the review, now i know for sure that I'm in for a treat.

maison21 said...

so good. loved my copy- now need to post about it!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I'm thinking of you. Are you alright? The news looks bad.

Raina Cox said...

Linda {Calling it Home} - We're about 40 miles away from the really scary stuff, though we've had biblical amounts of rain, too.

My Interior Life said...

Was just about to ask about the flood too. Glad you're ok. I love Tom Scheerer's aesthetic and his designs are always beautiful, however I wrote a post about him a while back because he made a rude comment in HB about Southerners. Well, I thought it was rude. Doesn't change his design genius maybe just my opinion of him.

Robin said...

I want that black and white palm tree wallpaper and I want it NOW (and I don't even really like wallpaper!).

Glad to hear you are doing okay and not floating away. Hope the rain and floods end soon.