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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My living room plans

(click any photo to enlarge)

*huge exhale*

Dumplings, I think I'm finally on the other side of the move. All of the importants are unpacked, and we've figured out how we're going to live in this house. (Do you find yourself doing that when you move?) LB and I decided to buy all of the new furnishings first and then tackle any reno projects, which is the opposite of our approach towards the last house. So I've been ordering pretties like a drunken lottery winner, before LB has a change of heart.

The living room has glorious views of open meadow where elk and deer roam. The seafoam-colored posts and beams will be painted a deep charcoal, and the wall-to-wall will be replaced with wood floors. The long wall features an old time-y wood-burning fireplace that terrifies me, both functionally and aesthetically. The mantel goes on forever and was hewn from a single piece of timber. The bricks are not in good shape with several chips and cracks. I'm thinking of painting them for now, until I can figure out what magic I want to conjure there.

That seafoam is something else, isn't it? This a good example of the evil power of HGTV - paint is not a decorating cure-all. The posts and beams are cedar and very porous. That paint cannot be stripped, so the grain of this once-gorgeous natural timber is now permanently hidden. I have to count my blessings the paint budget did not allow for the ceilings.

My furniture plan features a mix of natural elements - raw steel, hides and rich woods - and bold, graphic shapes and designs. The palette is black, creams, stormy blues and deep golds.

The board above will give you an idea of what's on the way and what I already have.

Clockwise from upper left:
Replaceface Bill Murray pillow.
John Robshaw Clack pillow.
Room & Board Slim shelves in natural steel.
Stray Dog Designs Doug buffet lamp.
IKEA Tisdag floor lamp.
Anthropologie Fes chairs.
Jayson Home large Francisco foot stool.
Urban Outfitters Money bean bag.
Pottery Barn Clyde bar cabinet.
Anthropologie pillow, no longer available.
Jonathan Adler Ulu brass side table.
West Elm Petersen leather sofa.
Burl root table, locally sourced.
Jayson Home Zaha chair.
Anthropologie Garvey flokati chair, no longer available.


Jessie said...

Buying all new furnishings first sound like fun! Love many of the interesting pieces in your design board especially the buffet lamp and stool. I am sure you will have the most stylish mountain home in your area when your new home is fully furnished and decorated! Can't wait to see your fantastic plan unfold!


blog said...

I think your house is going to look great and I have to say, you had me at the Bill Murray pillow - have just spent ages on the Society6 site!!! Jane

Interior Design Musings said...

Love it! I can so see the potential in your fab place. I know you totally have it worked out, but I am seeing Iron Mountain by Ben Moore to cover the sea foam beams. It's a fabulous color.
PS: that money bing bag ROCKS! Will have to work that into a design plan very soon. M.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am absolutely nuts for your furniture selections.
We had a majorly ugly wood burner in the living room of our last house. We named it Bubba. I was tempted to rip it out on many occasions. Then one 4 degree morning our furnace died and it took three weeks to get fixed. I was really happy to have Bubba after that.

Karla said...

Looks lovely! I'd seen a pin on pinterest for staining bricks instead of painting Follow the links and check out the pictures. Supposedly it's easier and if it doesn't work you could paint over later. :)

Cathy Wall said...

Love your plan for the space! The sea foam is just frightening and you are definitely lucky they didn't get to the ceiling! Have fun transforming, you are off to a great start.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I can't wait to see the posts pained anything else but this green/blue. Are the wood floors under the carpet or do you have to install them?

N K said...

so excited for you!!! the house is amazing, can't wait to see how everything comes together.

Things That Inspire said...

Very exciting to move into a new space, especially as someone who has appreciation for the furnishings and architecture! I didn't know Stray Dog Designs sold their stuff online; I have my eye on one of their hanging fixtures for my youngest daughter's room.

My MIL has a house in Keystone, and the color of your beams is all over her house - but mainly in the carpets and fabrics, she kept the beams natural! Another lesson for keeping the major elements natural or neutral and doing the color in the accessories (lamps, pillows, etc).

Heather said...

Love your house and your plans for it! thanks for the nod in yesterday's post, maybe your place needs an organic roomba?

David said...

YAY for charcoal! I can't wait to see. As for everything else, you know I love it all.

maison21 said...

it's gonna be fab- can't wait!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Sounds so awesome Raina! What fun! I love love the bones of your home and the views and your plans for a few updates is just what I would do! Have a wonderful time nesting and recreating your dream home, and soaking up the views! Have a great week.
xo Nancy

A Perfect Gray said...

yum. my crystal ball tells me that there may be a magazine feature in your future.

An Urban Cottage said...

My inclination would have been to go white on the posts and beams but my interest is quite piqued with the charcoal. I like the idea of painting the fireplace bricks although the horizontal hearth bricks look a little nicer than the ones on the vertical plane. There's a good opportunity for some strong horizontal elements there. It'll be fun to watch; this is such different architecture.

Debra Phillips said...

hot damn that is a lot of sea foam!

in your hands this will be stunning and love being the voyeur.

Madam Pince said...

If anyone can fix a bad paint job on gorgeous wood, it's you. Looking forward to following your reno!

Annie Smith said...

CONGRATU-EFFING-LATIONS!!! Oh I am so elated for you Raina! Seriously, loved and hated at the same time the story behind the must happen move-and so happy you found a haven in the hills. Perfect. Your office will be goddessness and those beams, those beams... so happy for you!!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Carry on with it, Raina! We used to restore historic homes professionally and were constantly cursing former owners' "improvements". You will figure it out.

Robin said...

It all looks gorgeous! Congrats on the new home and can't wait to see your transformations!