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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Posh accents are the best

 Rita pondering.

In the American South, a phrase is used in reply to the earnest utterances of the simple, yet well-intentioned - "Bless your heart!"

Rita Konig, the freshly-installed European editor of the New York Times T magazine, has a new video series, "The Decoration of Houses," and some advice on how to choose a frame for a beloved print. In an accent that would earn Outback Steakhouse a Michelin star for the reading of its menu, Konig shares with us:

"Each frame does something different to the picture, so it takes it from being one thing to another. And, obviously, it's always important to do what you have the budget for. But sometimes it's interesting to go and do something a bit more special."

 Rita concentrating.

"It's so important for the overall beauty of a picture is [sic] how it's framed."

Rita selecting.

"The frame we got in the end had its original glass in, which is lovely, because it's slightly wavy and you can see the pattern. It's like the surface of water. And then from there choosing the mat that it went on. It was actually laid on a piece of handmade paper. I'm really pleased with it."

Rita, more pondering.

Bless her heart.


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Looks fascinating. (sarcasm)

Leslie at Lekalia Interiors said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And your wit and wisdom!

jtc said...

As my sweet southern mother would say, "well isn't she just something"

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Let's step it up. Bless her sweet little heart.

kumi said...

I am not sure why so much rudeness, is being expressed here. I have enjoyed Rita Konig's writing and her simplicity in her decorating style for many years, even when she was at Domino. I feel she is authentic and I agree with her that working on the framing on a piece of art you really care about really does take it to the next level. Master framers are rare and true artists. I sent this video to my favorite local framer and gallery owner, Nick Hotek of Hudson River Gallery and Framing, he is really splendid.

Raina Cox said...

kumi - Watch the video again. Konig tells us absolutely nothing about framing. Her writing is the same - simplistic and banal. She's made an awfully good living off being Nina Campbell's daughter and having a posh accent.

kumi said...


I have watched it a number of times, and even showed it to my children- we spoke about our dear friend Nick and the care he takes in his work. I hope that it will make folks consider to take the care of framing something they love. Like many things that can be cheaply purchased at a big box store with little consideration, this is one -if done well, will last generations.