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Thursday, January 29, 2015

6 little girl pieces I wish were made for big girls

Easy Woven dress by Pink Chicken.

Chambray quilted jacket by J.Crew.

Fun sweater by Boden.

American Museum of Natural History Leopard tee by J.Crew.

Floral Bird sweatshirt top by GapKids.

Colorblock sweater with shoulder zip by J.Crew.


HeatherI said...

Agreed! I long for the days when I could just buy what *I* liked for the girls and dress them. Alas those days are long past, though that leopard tee especially looks hopeful.

wellfedfred said...

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I buy a kids' size 14 or 16. Sadly, not in dresses.

Raina Cox said...

wellfedfred - I see nothing wrong with that, much easier on the budget. My 8-year-old will size out of kids' shoes this year. OY - that's going to be expensive!

penelopebianchi said...

Absolutely right! And there were some shoes on JCrew kids I would have had made if I could!!

Marcheline said...

Just went to the museum shop to see if they had adult sizes, and saw that they're charging over $30 for kids' tee shirts! Who in their right mind would pay that much for a shirt that's going to be outgrown before it even starts to fade? That's just crazy talk.

Share my Garden said...

I'm forever saying 'I wish that made that for grown-ups!' Especially so when the Boden catalogue drops through the door. Obviously only my body has grown, the rest of me is still a child!