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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Via Pinterest.

Mario Buatta, Kips Bay Decorator Show House, 1984.


graceabounding said...

this is from the dawn of my being aware of interior decoration, and while my house does not look like this, mario was my early idea of fabulous

Unknown said...

I'm suddenly feeling suffocated and itchy. Weird.

Kathy said...

Have you watched the Bravo series "Southern Charm"?
I tuned in just to see the man put the finishing touches on a Charleston doyenne's bedroom suite....a blue and white fabric-ganza.....i liked it...It was her..

Jessie said...

The color scheme could be nice and refreshing if done in a subtle way but there's just too many loud patterns in this room. The space just looks busy.

Debra Phillips said...

a friend gave me an autographed, massive tome of his. nearly died.....REALLY?!?!?
and he is a prick with what he is not doing to a historic house in thompson, ct.

jason said...

If it can happen to bell bottoms....

Don Richards said...

If I am not mistaken, this room was featured on a House Beautiful cover. As a 12 year old, I was entranced. This was my intro to interiors. I was always more about exteriors and architecture. I scrutinized every ounce of this room. Thanks for posting it, Raina.

Raina Cox said...

Don Richards - With decorating's current obsession with all things geometry, I thought this was a charge against everything West Elm at the moment. I get a feeling something is bubbling up. Fussy is the NEW WAVE.

Don Richards said...

My clients are trad, but not quite Buatta trad. I wish I could propose something close. Connecticut is very safe. Every interview I've seen with Mr. Buatta is priceless. I'd love to read his memoirs. Interested in hearing more about your predictions. Not sure I'm seeing what you're thinking, but curious.

Raina Cox said...

Don Richards - I don't know that I'm "seeing" anything exactly quite yet, but I just get the feeling that the pendulum has to start swinging against hipsterism at some point. I'd love to see Pretty with a capital P be that revolt.

Don Richards said...

Isn't this room the definition of capital P Pretty? I almost feel that Mario Buatta has been forgotten. If Bunny Williams is already been cannonized, Buatta should be as well. He's apparently not a press hound.

Desert Diva said...

I'm a Baby Boomer, so this comment is not snarky, it comes from a perspective of age: this room looks like an old lady lives here who doesn't notice the dust hanging from the ceiling, the dry rot on the windows, and cat hair everywhere. Nothing against MB, but this look is so "old people" that maybe it is making its way around again.......

Raina Cox said...

Desert Diva - I get where you're coming from. I'm just wondering what comes next after we've put away the Moroccan rugs and Edison bulbs. And no need to ever apologize for snark here. ;-)

eddielicious said...

You know this is good design because with a little editing and a couple swap-o's, this room from 1984 could be very on point. I'm sure that is a Stark carpet underneath it all and check out the fabric under the purple throw.

penelopebianchi said...

I am totally fascinated by these comments!
Have been a decorator for 45 years now....(I get stuck in time...I kept saying 43 years....sheesh(

Mario for 50!
I guess I am the "old lady" with the dust bunnies...and the "cat hair everywhere"!

I am a successful (beyond my wildest dreams 45 years ago); and I adored this room....used this fabric in my first living remains my favorite fabric! He "pinked" (means used "pinking shears" on the trim on the curtains....) Honestly; I could move into this room and not change one iota. 31 years! For me (obviously, not others) that is "timeless decorating"! Mario (a friend) has hung and rehung his exact curtains.....(not remade of the same fabric....we are talking ....remade the same curtains) for 50 years!

this is what I believe in! And I still have lots of work, Thank the Lord!!

"Timeless decorating"!!!

Long may it reign!

(I wouldn't change a lampshade); and he has loads of clients.....and is booked much longer than he can live!

Same with Sister Parish. She died at 86 with clients lined up to pay $250,000.00 to walk in her front door to start decorating!

The "proof is in the pudding"!

Mario is also booked longer than he can possibly live (30 years out..paying a fortune)! So much for the comment.. No dry rot or cat hair in Wilbur Ross's houses in New York City; East Hampton, and Palm Beach!

Don't think so! and they are exquisite...colorful, and FUN!!

How sad some think like this.

OH well.
thank you for the wonderful post! REIGN!!!

penelopebianchi said...

"Pretty personified" is what this room is! Don and you are correct!

Not everyone should or could hire an "interior decorator"!

However; if one "could afford to" and wanted to....imagine getting a room that is "timeless" 50 years later! Not changing one thing!

(we have 3 things might have to be dog sleeps on the bench at the foot of the bed)
I forgot! We also have two cats! No cat hair.....and no dust! (we vacuum and have the state-of -the art vacuum and a brilliant housekeeper!)

If that were my bedroom.....I would not change one single solitary thing! IN 2015!!!

I wonder what the houses look like of the people who are so critical? Can we have some pictures?

Especially the comment with the old lady and the cat hair and dust!

Let's see your house, girl!!! (or guy)!!!

You can see my house! and my 44 years of decorating! Cat hair and all!!!