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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine haul

Valentine's Day morning I was coming down with a virulent strain of Yuck, so it was a very low-key day. LB took me to the shop of a local woman who crafts all manner of mountain things in silver and gold and bought me a pair of wee buffalo. I love me some buffs.

With my recent autoimmune issues has come a new diet, so I no longer fit in my winter coats. I treated myself to this one to get me by until spring, which in the mountains of Colorado usually coincides with July 4th.

Since we Hebrews aren't big on Easter, the Pea receives a boatload of goodies on Valentine's Day. She generously shared her Frozen Jelly Bellys with me.

Dumplings, did Cupid deliver for you?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I get a poem for v day!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Bethany and family are with us between moves and they us a fabulous dinner and dessert, that was a real treat. I love your earrings. I just got a coat from Athleta with puffy goodness. Stay warm and well! xo Nancy

home before dark said...

My husband and I stay away from restaurants on V-Day. I decided to celebrate finally having world-class ventilation in my new kitchen by making buttermilk brined fried chicken. I haven't fried chicken in over a decade. What a mess! My late MIL was not a cook, but in celebration of the League of Nations and my FIL being a part of the security detail there, she made fried chicken to celebrate America. Much bourbon was consumed. It took three days for her to clean up. Peace at any price.

The Pea is a lucky girl. She's growing so quickly.

jason said...

Cupid left me a lump of coal, I'm afraid.
Maybe I'll carve it into a shank....or a man.

Meanwhile, I love your little buffalo!

David said...

I love your buffalo and jacket!

I got a gift certificate to my favorite men's shop in Cali and chocolates from the dogs.

We forgot about dinner reservations so we went out to a fancy, boozy breakfast. For dinner we had popcorn watching Kingsman at the movies.

Pigtown*Design said...

Our friends up in Alma ALWAYS ski on July 4th! In shorts.