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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When interiors and fashion hook up

Tory Burch debuted her Fall '15 collection yesterday morning with looks strongly influenced by Moroccan rugs and wedding blankets. For the age-old question of which influences which, let's chalk one up to decorating.

Photos via Suzy Menkes' Instagram, 1. and 2.


Pigtown*Design said...

It looks like she's wearing a rug. I agree with "taking influences" from things, but this is just taking the rug, digitizing it and making a dress.

jason said...

Handy for camouflage

Charlotte Skinner said...

I actually like the dress on the runway, I'd wear it! The top with the scarf thing Tory's wearing is a bit much. I'm intrigued does make me want to see the rest of the collection.

penelopebianchi said...

I ADORE your blog! I ADORE your comments, too!

Tory looks like she is wearing a rug with a scarf made out of a rug around her neck. I think it is a big fat "OOPS!!"!

Just my looked much better on the model with no neckerchief! Poor Tory! She looks like a "fashion victim"!!!

Proof will be in the pudding!

Last year she did an amazing film of her clothes in Lotusland here in Santa Barbara! I was obsessed! I wrote countless emails begging to find out where and how to buy. Deaf ears. No reply. Too bad. (I am embarrassed to say how many times I tried) She would (I hope, be embarrassed to learn!!) I really think she cares!

That dress on her; with that neckerchief; looks like a "Glamour magazine "DON"T from the 1960's) That was a place you NEVER wanted to be!

That should be brought back...."Do's"!!!
a series of pictures of great looks....

and "DON'TS" with the mistakes...the oopsies and the 'fashion victims'"!!

The fashion magazines should restore that! Bazaar and Vogue!!!!

ita darling. said...

Your "Should JCrew Do Home?" post the other day made me realize that as I slowly change my wardrobe to basic key colors in solids, stripes (OMG the stripes!) and more and more monochromatic, that they only patterns left in my closet are the ones that would fit well into my home decor...and then I have noticed that the only patterns i am even attracted to are much more relevant to my house than my body... Now I can shop with a more discerning eye and ask myself- Can i make this blouse into a pillow???

Marcheline said...

Now HERE's a dress that says "walk all over me".

home before dark said...

Don't judge. I may have worn this in 1969.