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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Euro IKEAs are holding out on us

Nipprig side table.

The Euro and the British pound are tanking against the American dollar, so now is the time to take on Europe! Let's fly over and pick up all of the goodies exclusive to European IKEAs. Head on over to Pinterest to check out the flatpack fabulousness: IKEA UK, IKEA Portugal, IKEA Netherlands.

Nipprig armchair.

 Nipprig storage box.

Nipprig shade.

Nipprig lounger.

Villstad chair.

Stadigt pillow cover.

UPDATE: Rejoice, oh those of Stars and Stripes soil!! The Nipprig collection is now Stateside.


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I'm in, let's go. Wish they would stock our Ikea with this.

Lausi said...

The green chair has been on my "must-get" list for a while now. I really wasn't aware that IKEA's selection of furniture/products weren't the same all over the world...
BTW.... so good to see you're back blogging :)