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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fran Lebowitz hates your yoga pants

Writer, actress, raconteur, and professional crankybritches Fran Lebowitz recently sat down with Elle's Kathleen Hale to expound on the many ways fashion and culture disappoint her today. For Lebowitz, who is known for her personal uniform of a jacket, a man's dress shirt with cufflinks, Levi's 501s and bespoke wingtip cowboy boots, the world and one's fashion choices are pretty straightforward. Lycra is Bad and drag queens are Good.

She shares some true enough stuff: "Clothes don't really fit you unless they're made for you."

And: "People care more about trends now than they do about style."

But once she gets wound up, Lebowitz goes full-on Larry David...

She will not be embracing this year's early Seventies redux: "The first time I ever saw platform shoes in the '70s, I knew they'd been revived from the '40s, and I felt sickened. And for whatever reason, they keep getting revived. They've come back four times. I wish we could let them die. They want to die."

Mood boards are the Devil's easel: "Designers now, they all have these things called mood boards. I suppose they think a sense of discovery equals invention. It would be as if every writer had a board with paragraphs of other writers—'Oh, I'll take a little bit of this, and that, he was really good.' Yes, he was really good! And that is not a mood board, it is a stealing board."  

You had better look damn good if you're going to sport "athleisure": "All these clothes that you see people wearing, the yoga clothes—even men wear them!—it's just another way of being in pajamas. You need more natural beauty to get away with things like that."

You'd better check yourself before you wreck yourself: "If you walked around New York you would think there was a terrible mirror famine. There might be drought here, a wheat famine there, but in New York you have a mirror famine. Because everything people wear, you have to assume they bought it."

And the world would be a prettier place with a sprinkle of cross-dressing glamour: "Can you imagine if women tried as hard as drag queens? We'd be a much more attractive culture."


eddielicious said...

Great article. Love the last paragraph. I go out, watch people and think "why do so many women just give up?...."

The Pink Pagoda said...

Not sure mood boards and plagiarism are commensurate...

Charlotte Skinner said...

While she does sound a bit cranky, I have to agree. I often find myself thinking, "come on ladies, Get Dressed!" It's just as easy to pull on actual pants and a nice top as it is those Lulu's. If you actually worked out in them, you are probably sweaty & smelly so why are you still wearing them at 3:00??!!!

Carol in Denver said...

Don't agree at all with her opinion of mood boards: to me, they are a way of collecting ideas and helping visualization.

Hasn't she seen the resurgence of interest in sewing? One can't assume something being worn is bought. It may have been sewn, and if it is a bit wonky, well, the person is engaged in a development of skills. Fitting can be the biggest challenge in sewing.

A Perfect Gray said...

oh, I loved it. laughed like crazy.

I think I will put a post-it on my mirror to look at when I get dressed each morning: "WWFD".

Or maybe: "What Would Fran SAY".

Marcheline said...

Fran is actually suffering from the delusion that anyone really cares what anyone else is wearing. The only person who cares what you wear is you. Anyone else who has something to say about it doesn't have a life, which is why they have time to worry about your wardrobe.

kristina said...

dude. stealing boards? athleisure? i am sooooooo behind on the hip cool lingo. putting these into rotation STAT.

as per, many dankes for keeping me on the cutting edge, ms. cox! this one was a particular hoot-