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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The reflection of one's truth is flat-packed

Via The Selby.


penelopebianchi said...

I am way over my head on this blog. I am just loving it! I have no idea what this means...but I love the picture! (do not love so much what is reflected int he mirror!) but this is one cool place. the ottoman especially !!! but the bedcover (if that is what it is) I would buy from anyone anywhere in a heartbeat!


(finally my autocorrect has stopped turning Yowzers into yowlers....and it just did again!) I had to correct the autocorrect. annoying!

Marcheline said...

1. I need that door for my bedroom.

2. I'm totally with this decor from the ceiling all the way down to the framed mirror. Below that, it all has to go. I want Turkish and Moroccan patterns on that settee and those throw pillows! The beachy red/white does not create the right feel here.