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Saturday, May 16, 2015

3 great Kips Bay rooms and one headscratcher

 Mark D. Sikes' dining room.

This week, the Kips Bay Decorator Show House opened, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the namesake charity organization. Each year, the anointed interior designers go all out. Some to great effect, while others present the decorating version of a Kardashian at the Met Ball
 Philip Mitchell's stairwell and landings.

My three favorite rooms lean towards the traditional. Because I'm tired of decorators trying to out-Wearstler each other

 David Phoenix's bedroom.

The space I like the least looks like the high-end version of a CB2 catalog:

Lauren Rottet's roof terrace.

Dumplings, what are your favorite Kips Bay rooms this year?

Photos: Bruce Buck for The New York Times.


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I haven't seen enough to choose a favorite yet but I love the term "out-Wearstler". You hit the nail on the head.
The mirror on the terrace is an odd focal point to use across from the sofa. I must say, the mind reels.

DaniBP said...

I like that dining room but the stairwell... too many pictures, too much white and grey, and yes that roof terrace is a headscratcher isn't it!

Marcheline said...

Love, love, love the stairwell. I could live in that stairwell. Perfection.

Also, the "Izod" grey checked wallpaper is to die for.

Jessie said...

I love David Phoenix's room the most. It's traditional but still fresh and beautiful. That wallpaper is gorgeous!

jason said...

Hmmm...can't say I love any of them, but I'm surprisingly liking that dining room...despite the pink...and the wicker

Pigtown*Design said...

i am heading there later this week and can't wait!